Maibara, Osaka #10-B - Japan

Maibara, Osaka #10-B – Japan

The Japanese designation for this camp was Shiga, Maibara-Machi, Yaeuchiko Kankatsu. Two men from 2/4th were here, Gerry Arthur WX9011 and Edwin Clarke WX9360. They were sent to this camp on 19 May 1945 and the next day the camp was officially opened. It was located on the outskirts of the village of Maibara in the Shiga Prefecture; approximately 6 hours away by train and 10 minutes away from Lake Biwa.

Accommodation consisted of grass-roofed huts no similar to the atap variety of Burma and Thailand. Water for the camp was drawn from a well which quickly ran dry unless it rained frequently.

Work here was the construction of a dyke to enable the lake to be emptied so that rice, barley and sorghum (tropical grass) could be planted for food.

The POWs at this camp did not know the war had ended until 20 August 1945.

Soldiers that were in this camp

Location of Maibara, Osaka #10-B - Japan