Nakom Chassi - Thailand

Camp Information

Several 2/4th were part of a group of 100 Australians that arrived at Nakom Chassi Camp on 20th May 1945 to reinforce the 300 Dutch already in residence. They remained at this camp until the end of the war.

A suspension bridge that crossed the north-south flowing Nakom Chassi River had been destroyed and to enable freight to cross the river was ferried by boat and loaded onto another train. The Australians were split into two working parties of about 50 men each. Working alongside their fellow Dutch Prisoners of War, the Australians dug and maintained canals. Early in July some of the prisoners were also put to digging air raid shelters alongside the line near the canal.

Below is Affidavit by Tom Fitzgerald concerning the brutality of a guard known as ‘Scarface’ – in May 1945.


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Location of Nakom Chassi - Thailand (exact)