Notogawa, Osaka #9-B - Japan

Notogawa, Osaka #9-B – Japan

The Japanese designation for this camp was Shiga, Notogawa-Cho, Nakamiko Kankatsu.

This camp was approximately 60 miles to the north of Osaka and 4.5 miles to the southwest of Maibara Camp.

There were 3 men from 2/4th here; Stan Wenn WX7641, Lance Park WX16448 and Jack Leahy WX9312 who were amongst a party sent to Notogawa from Kobe on 20 May 1945 under S/Sgt. Keith Pescod.

Rations at this camp were limited and most POWs sent here from Kobe House lost between 4 and 8 kilograms in weight. Food was mainly rice and tainted meat supplemented by what fresh mussels could be collected from the lake. Work here was the reclaiming of land from Lake Biwa so that crops could be planted, as at Maibara Camp.

Please read Jack Leahy’s Affidavit


Lance park on left.

Location of Notogawa, Osaka #9-B - Japan (exact)