Tanbaya, Thanbaya, Thanbaya Hospital, 50 Kilo - Burma

Tanbaya Hospital map


Tanbaya, 50 Kilo Camp – Burma

F’ Force Hospital Camp.
1700 desperately sick were brought here from Thailand, of these 700 died in less than 6 months. Major Hunt a West Australian doctor worked tirelessly here with few drugs.

it was referred to by POWs as a ‘death camp.’ 

Tanbaya hospital camp no medical equipment nor medicines.  There was at least one confirmed death of a POW who hung himself after he had both legs amputated.  The patient had been transferred from the ulcer ward at Shimo (Lower) Songkurai.

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Men of 2/4th who died at Tanbaya Hospital camp included:

WX9131 Goodwin, Reuben ‘F’ Force d. 6 Nov 1943 beri beri and dysentery, 27 years (former Fairbridge Farm Schoolboy)

WX7801 Hackshaw, Albert ‘F’ Force d. 2 Nov 1943 tropical ulcers aged 43 years.

WX9320 Heal, Herbert William ‘F’ Force d. 22 Dec 1943 beri beri and dysentery aged 33 years.

WX9849 McIntosh, Archibald James L. ‘F’ Force d. 10 Nov 1943 beri beri and dysentery aged 23 years.

WX9143 SMITH, Montaque Joseph died 13 November 1943 of dysentery and tropical ulcers aged 27 years.

WX8699 Thackrah, Cyril Bernard ‘F’ Force d. 19 September 1943  of dysentery and malaria aged 40 years.



Location of Tanbaya, Thanbaya, Thanbaya Hospital, 50 Kilo - Burma (exact)