The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Kenneth Lawrance
Nick Name:
Regimental #:
Headquarters Company
Place of Birth:
St Lennards on Sea, Hastings, England
Father's Name:
Adolphus Kingsnorth
Mothers's Name:
Ethel Annie Meads
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, Plot A8, Row D, Grave 2, Age 38.
Selarang Camp Changi
'A' Force Burma, Green Force, No. 3 Battalion
Cause of Death:
Place of Death:
Khonkan 55km Camp
Date of Death:
Grave No.139, Khonkan

General Description

Soldier was evacuated to Khonkan 55km from Aungganaung 105km Camp around 10.9.1943 due to tropical ulcers to his right foot. His right leg was amputated above the knee, but he died post leg amputation as a result of toxemia.

Ken Meads was the illigitimate son of Adolphus Kingsnorth.  He and Ethel Annie Meads had planned to marry, however the Kingsnorth family forbade the marriage.  Adolphus Kingsnorth’s family were large landowners.  Adlophus was soon after married to a distant cousin and the couple sent to Canada to live.

Ethel Annie Meads married in 1917 when her son Ken was 14 years old.  She and her husband moved to live in Western Australia and this was the reason Ken Meads joined her several years later.

Kenneth Meads sailed from London to Australia on 26 Sep 1926 on ‘Baradine’ aged 21 years.  His occupation was recorded as Bank Messenger and his last known address was 20 Albert Ridge Road, Battersea.

He married Iris Lorraine Coles 14 June 1933, and they had several children one of whom is Lorraine Warr who at  84 years of age (December 2017) resides in Queensland and kindly provided much of the information contained here.  Unfortunately Lorraine never really knew her father as her parents divorced and Ken enlisted in 1940.

Below: Ken and Iris endure the tragic loss of their 9 month old son at the end of 1935.




Meads Ken WX10388
A young Ken Meads.


Meads Mrs





Mrs Iris Meads (nee Coles)

died 21 April 1994.






Kenneth Meads name is included on the Gosnells WW2 Memorial.


Dear Cheryl; Kenneth was the illegitimate son of my grandfather – Adolphus Kingsnorth. Shortly after his birth, my grandfather married, then moved to Canada with his young family. Most of his dependents live in the Hamilton Ontario area. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. My extended family was unaware of Ken’s existence until his daughter – Lorraine Wass searched out her ancestors, and made contact with one of my cousins. That was more than 2 decades ago. Lorraine lives in Australia. My cousin kept in touch with her, but seldom hears from her now as she is quite elderly. Her mailing address is 31/16 Blairmount St, Parkinson 4115, Queensland, Australia. Best of luck with the project you are working on. The picture of Ken was provided to my cousin by his daughter. I believe the picture of his wife was one I found through Ancestry. You have my permission to use the photos on you website. If you are able to make contact with Lorraine, she may have more information. If you are able to obtain any other information or pictures of Kenneth, I would love to see them (or be linked to your website)

Camp Locations:

  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore