The Soldier's Details

First Name:
William Herbert
Nick Name:
Jimmy or Jim
Regimental #:
'D' Company
Place of Birth:
Cannington, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Jabez Gibbs
Mothers's Name:
Florence Adeline Gibbs (nee Becke)
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Market Gardener
Epitah, Labuan memorial, Panel 18, Age 28
Selarang Camp Changi, Tamarkan, River Valley Road Transit Camp
'A' Force Burma, Green Force, No. 3 Battalion
Camps Burma:
Victoria Point, Tavoy, Kendau 4.8km, Thetkaw 14km, Meiloe 75km, Aungganaung 105km
Rakuyo Maru Party, Kumi No. 37
Cause of Death:
Lost at sea.
Place of Death:
South China Sea
Date of Death:

General Description

WX8959 William Herbert Gibbs
WX8959 William Herbert Gibbs


William (known as Jim) was older brother to Lacey Gordon Gibbs WX16407. Tragically they lost their lives in South China Sea when their POW transport ship ‘Rakuyo Maru’ headed to Japan from Singapore sank following a torpedo attack by US submarines.

Brothers Jim and Lacey Gibbs were first cousins to Percival J. ‘Percy’ Gibbs WX8607. Their fathers are brothers. Percy Gibbs survived and returned home.  The Gibbs family is extensive and pioneers of early Western Australia; many including Jim and Lacey lived in the Wanneroo region, market gardening.

Jim and Lacey were No. 2 and 3 sons of Jabesz Gibbs and
Florence Adeline Becke who married 1913 at Canning.  In total Jabesz and Florence had a family of 9 children, 3 daughters and six sons.  Florence died January 1932 aged 41 years, not long after giving birth to her youngest child, Linda.

Jim and Lacey were competent horsemen and enjoyed riding and hunting around the family property.

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Newspaper Ocober 1943


The West Australian – Thursday 23 November 1944

GIBBS, William (Jim), and Lacey, late of Wanneroo – In proud and loving memory of my two dear Sons and our Brothers, taken POW, Singapore now presumed dead. Inserted by their loving father, Jabez, brothers, Edwin, Norman, Charlie and Albert; sisters Daphne, Violet and Linda. Always remembered.

The West Australian – Friday 24 November 1944

GIBBS, William (Jim) and Lacy – In proud and loving memory of our two dear Nephews, taken POW. Singapore now presumed dead. Inserted by their loving aunt Susie, uncle Charlie, Arnold, sister Linda. We will always remember two brave boys

The West Australian – Saturday 2 December 1944

GIBBS (Jim and Lacey) – In loving memory of two fine boys. Inserted by aunt Ethel and cousins. Ethel, Herb and Bob. Always remembered.

GIBBS – In proud memory of Jimmy and Lace., taken POW, Singapore. now presumed dead; lifelong friends of Mr. and Mrs, Brady-and family (Wanneroo). Sweetly they sleep while others sigh. Softly their heads doth lie.

GIBBS (Jim and Lacey) – A sincere tribute to two great friends, taken POW Singapore, now presumed dead. From their old Pal. Stanley Mclntosh, Brookton. I’ll never forget them.

The West Australian – Wednesday 6 December 1944

GIBBS – A tribute to the memory of Jimmy and Lacey, taken POW, Singapore, now presumed dead; and sincere sympathy to their loved ones. Inserted by Rose and Santo Crisafull. They died that we might live.

The West Australian – Friday 1 December 1944

GIBBS – In proud memory of William (Jim) and Lacey, taken prisoner, Singapore now presumed dead. Inserted by Mr and Mrs E. Ashby and family. Sadly missed by us all.

GIBBS – In loving memory of two dear pals William (Jim) and Lacey, taken POW, Singapore, now presumed deceased. Inserted by Irene. Cheerio and not good-bye.

The West Australian – Saturday 25 November 1944

GIBBS – In loving memory of Jimmy and Lacey, taken POW Singapore, now missing, presumed dead; loved nephews and cousins of aunt Emma, uncle Aub, Ruby (Mrs McGarry). Charlie (AIF). Ken and Derek. We will always remember them.

GIBBS – In ever-loving memory of Jimmy and Lacey, taken POW. Singapore, now missing, presumed dead. Ever remembered by Harry and Edie and family. Two of the best.

GIBBS – In proud and loving memory of Jim and Lacey (taken POW, Singapore), now presumed dead; lifelong pals of Doris and Ken. For ever we’ll remember.

GIBBS – In proud remembrance of Jim and Lacey, POW Japanese hands, now presumed dead. Inserted by Nancy and Cecil Cockman. Sadly missed.

Gibbs Jim and Lacey
Gibbs Jim and Lacey


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And ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 3 Battalion


Camp Locations:

  • River Valley Road Camp - Singapore
  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Aungganaung,105Kilo - Burma
  • Kendau, Kandaw, 4 Kilo - Burma
  • Meilo, 75 Kilo, 340k - Burma
  • Tavoy (Dawei) - river port - Burma
  • Saigon - French Indo China
  • Victoria Point, Kawthoung - Burma. \'A\' Force, Green Force No. 3 Btn
  • Thetkaw 14 Kilo - Burma