2/4th Cricket Team, Northam

2/4th Cricket Team – Property of Geoff MacDonald, nephew of Lindsay Murray MacDonald, standing 3rd from Right.


The team above L-R (as per October 1990 Borehole Bulletin)

N. Outrim, L. MacDonald, T. Beard, R. Treasure, G. Arthur, Capt. Anderson, V. Warhurst, E. Hunt, C. Farley. (appears to be one name missing)

Front L-R . C. spackman, S. Gorringe, B. Stubbs, H. Scadden, R. Matthews, N. Fraser.


WX9031 Gerald ‘Gerry’ Arthur played for WA Cricket.  He was wicket keeper prior to enlisting. We believe Gerry would be paet of the above team.

WX13562 Peter Moate was regarded as a talented cricketer from Merredin, however as he did not enlist until May 1941, he may not have joined the 2/4th team.

Unfortunately we have no confirmation of the names of team members.