Anketell Cup – Perth Dinghy Club

Dinghy Club Event 17 Feb 1951 Anketell Cup – West Australian Newspaper


We have successfully contacted Perth Dinghy Club who have kindly confirmed they continue to hold the Anketell Cup annually, usually during first weeks of February.  We have also requested their assistance in researching the ‘beginnings’ of this event.

Initially it was thought an Anketell family member may have been a PDC member, however the club assure us this is not so.

The 2/4th Committee Meetings had been held at the Perth Dinghy Club and it was the decision of the then Executive Committee to negotiate with the Club and present an annual trophy in memory of Anketell.

During the relevant years 1950-1952 2/4th President was Ray Lander with Vice President KenTucker,  Secretary W.J. ‘Pop’ Davey and Treasurer ‘Trader’ Douglas Horn.

As recorded above, 1951 was ninth anniversary of the death of  2/4th C.O. Lt. Colonel Mick Anketell.  His widow, Mrs Anketell and members of 2/4th Committee were present at the race.  Mrs Anketell presented the winner with the ‘Anketell’ Cup.