Carnarvon 2/4th Enlistments

Hardey & Clmie – Carnarvon Boys



WX83812 Robert Philip ‘Bob’ ELVISH d of illness at Chungkai POW Camp Hospital, Burma-Thai Railway October 1943 aged 42 years.  He left Singapore with ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion with suffered terrible loss of lives.


WX12157 Edward Charles HARDEY – b. 1902 Bunbury was a mate of Climie.  He enlisted May 1941.  He was recovered from Omuta, Japan at the end of the war.  Hardey had previously worked on the Burma end of the Burma-Thai Railway.

WX8180 Edward George ‘Snow’ TAYLOR – enlisted at Carnarvon, however was b. Narrogin 1919.  He remained in Singapore throughout the war and was recovered from Changi.