Nacompaton Camp

Nacompaton was set up from December 1943 as a large hospital and convalescing camp. Several 2/4th men involved in the construction of this camp included Eric Fraser and Frank ‘Blue’ Evans.

2/4th amputees who remained at Nacompaton until the end of the war included Syd Gorringe, Eric Ryan, Tom Barbour and Allan Bamford.  Nacompaton was located about 30 miles west of Bangkok.  Besides many amputees, POWs were sent to this camp to build up their strength following the completion of the Railway. As their health improved slightly POWs were called out of Nacompaton in work parties.

When Japan surrendered in August 1945, Nacompaton became an Allied Forces collection centre for ex-POWs who were either moved out via Bangkok to Singapore direct or via Rangoon to Singapore.