Bangkok - Thailand


Situated at Klong Toi Ports were 12 go-downs in four groups south east of the city.  Not all the warehouses accommodated POWs.  By June 1945 Allied intelligence sources estimated about 1,000 POWs were here.

At the end of the war the former POWs were billeted at either the Sports Stadium Camp or Tamasaart University Camp.
‘Left Nakom Nayok 13 September 1945.  Arrive Bangkok at Tamasaart University. Wonderful buildings, King’s Palace, pagoda etc. in Bangkok.  On 24 September left Bangkok 0850 hours Don Muang Aerodrome and flew 900-1,000 miles to Singapore, arriving after 5 hours 25 minutes flying time at 1415 hours.  Bad weather on leaving, crossed Gulf of Siam and South China Sea, thence east coast of Malaya.  Views of paddy field, rivers and jungles, magnificent.  Had a couple of nasty bumps over South China Sea.  All Aussie crew onboard a Dakota plane.  Height mostly 10,000 feet.  Present quarters at Singapore just like civilization again and had my first drink of beer in 3 and 3/4 years.  This was a record.  Left Singapore Tamoroa 29 September 1945.
Home, West Aussie at last, 10 October 1945.’


WX7465 Norman Phillip Holdman killed in an Allied air raid whilst working at go-downs, wharf area, Bangkok 27 March 1945 aged 34 years.

Location of Bangkok - Thailand