Kranji Camp Woodlands - Singapore

Kranji Camp Woodlands – Singapore

Kranji Camp was located on the east side of the main Woodlands Road near the 15 milestone just opposite the petrol storage tanks.  Also located in this area was an Indian Hospital and this may have been used later as the Kranji Camp Hospital.  Kranji Camp, like Great World, River Valley Road, Havelock Road and Alexandra Hospital was a transit camp.  Between 5,000 and 11,000 Prisoners of War are believed to have passed through these camps during the period of May to September 1944.  The work at Kranji involved the maintenance of the pump station, general engineering, road making and the digging of pits in the sides of the hills for the storage of petrol.  Generally all the work entailed the handling of petrol.

Location of Kranji Camp Woodlands - Singapore (exact)