TARDUN Bridge Repairs, Thailand



From Kanchanaburi heading north there was a twisting jungle track to where the river was crossed by barge at Tardun. Later a camp was established here and a wooden bridge was built across the Maekhlaung further north near the village of Takatai.
This bridge was later washed away when monsoon waters rose and a POW party was despatched to make repairs. Strangely the bridge was and is still called the Tardun Bridge, not because of its location but by virtue of the fact that it replaced the barge crossing so therefore inherited its name.
Once this thoroughfare from Tamarkan crosses the Tardun Bridge over Maekhlaung it heads northwest towards the village of Wanyai at 124.85 km point.
We know of several 2/4th men who were in this Tardun Bridge Repair party – WX7937 Harry Blakiston, WX17881 Owen Alfred Doust and WX9060 Tom Cato.
Others to go to Tardun –  WX8623 Jim Gilmour, WX7624 Eddie Kemp, WX8543 Les Kemp, WX7331 Claude Wilfred Robertson  and WX5021 Henry William Waghorn.
The only time this jungle road or track from Tamarkan is mentioned as actually having been used as a means to travel north is in ‘F’ Force’s report and the Diary of Major Bert Saggers, H6 Officer’s Party. They travelled by train to Wanyai in late May 1943 when heading to Tarsau.




Claude Wilfred Robertson

Soldiers that were in this camp

Location of TARDUN Bridge Repairs, Thailand