The Soldier's Details

First Name:
John William
Nick Name:
Sergeant (Promoted on 15.2.1942)
Regimental #:
‘B’ Company
Place of Birth:
Morgan’s, Western Australia
Father's Name:
John Matthew Sanderson
Mothers's Name:
Anna Sanderson (nee Kieswetter)
Church of England
Pre-war Occupation:
Commercial Traveller
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Plot 1, Row J, Grave 43, Age 35.
Selarang Camp and Barracks Changi
‘D’ Force Thailand, S Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Kanu II, Kanu I (evacuated sick to Tarsau)
Cause of Death:
Beri-Beri and Dysentery
Place of Death:
Date of Death:
Grave No.17, Tarsau

General Description

Jack Sanderson married in 1939 Murchison to Dorothy Jean Calder.
It is believed Dorothy Sanderson lived until she was 100 years old and died in July 2012.
Jack Sanderson played 19 games with West Perth Football team in 1930-31.
He was a very good mates with Ron Badock.   Jack was a travelling salesman for Sandovers, travelling from Wiluna to Esperance. He was a big man weighing nearly 15 stone but weighed less than half at death.  (information from Ron Badock)


Jack Sanderson
Jack Sanderson


This NCO was an original member of No. 7 Platoon. When Sergeant N. J.Harris was evacuated to hospital, Sergeant K. D. Tucker was promoted to Senior Sergeant and Corporal J. W. Sanderson was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to No. 9 Platoon. This NCO was a highly thought of ‘B’ Company member.
He was selected with ‘D’ Force S Battalion to work on the Burma Thai Railway.  This work party included the largest number of men from 2/4th as did ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force.  He succumbed to illness and died at Tarsau Camp July 1943 hospital conditions were overcrowded and appalling.
WX5211 Pte Stan Currie confirmed he was with the burial party near Tarsau during Sep 1943 when the following soldiers died:
WX11580 A/Cpl Don McGlinn 16 Jul 43 avitaminosis
WX8777 Sgt J. Sanderson 19 Jul 43 avitaminosis
WX15690 Pte J M Carr 23 Jul 43 malaria
WX8689 Lt/Cpl MacMaster 25 Jul 43 beri beri
WX13553 Pte S Spouse 13 Oct 43 tropical tumour
Daily & maters visit Kalgoorlie/Boulder February 1941
Kalgoorlie/Boulder February 1941


Sanderson John William


Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand

Camp Locations:

  • Selarang Barracks Changi - Singapore
  • Selarang Camp Changi - Singapore
  • Kanu 1 151.00k - Thailand
  • Kanu II, 152.30k - Thailand
  • Tarsau, Tha Sao 125k - Thailand