Five from Mundijong


WX8650 Hector Bishop enlisted 23 October 1940 – Driver with HQ Coy he KIA 12th February 1942 aged 29 years.  Bishop had recently married.  He never saw his new born son.

Witness statements record Bishop received a gunshot wound to his chest during the fighting at Hill 200, Ulu Pandan where 2/4th was surrounded by Japanese    ‘He was given a drink of water, but was not in good shape at this time’.  It is alleged by survivors of this action that Japanese troops moved into the area and were seen bayoneting the wounded.
He was reported missing in action in the vicinity of Reformatory Road following the withdrawal to the new line.
WX15873 Syd Darby –  enlisted  on 19 August 1941 became a reinforcement for 2/4th MGB – joined the Battalion on board the ‘Aquitania’ anchored off Fremantle one night on it’s journey to Singapore with reinforcements for the ill-fated 8th Division.
– was KIA 10 February 1942 aged 19 years on the Sungei  Kranji-Sungei Jurong Defence Line, and was thought to have been killed by a Japanese sniper whilst on patrol.


WX16736 Stephen Gleeson enlisted 8 September 1941 (recorded his birth as 1919 i.e. aged 22 years when in fact he was born 1923 and was 18 years old).  He left Singapore with H’ Force Thailand to work on the Burma-Thai Railway.
When the railway was completed ‘H’ and ‘F’ Forces returned to Singapore by rail.   Gleeson was amongst the sick left behind at Kanachanburi Hospital Camp where it is believed he had his right leg amputated.  He returned to Singapore sometime after December and before April 1944.  It was at Changi he was fitted out with temporary leg.
Stephen John Gleeson WX16736 (3rd from Left)



WX16355 George Leipold  enlisted 3 September 1941 – joined 2/4th reinforcements ‘E’ Coy with Darby, Gleeson and Swann.
He was KIA 11 February 1942 aged 19 years during the ambush at South-West Bukit Timah where E Coy Special Reserves Battalion suffered  heavy loss of life, almost 50%.
Please read about ‘E’ Coy, Special Reserve Battalion


WX17907 Bill Swann enlisted 7 December 1941 (aged 22 years) and joined his mates with
‘E’ Coy on board the ‘Aquitania’ 16 Jan 1942 sailing to Singapore.
Bill was fortunate to remain at Changi throughout the war where he was working at the vitamin factory.  He was included in X Party during 1945  excavating  tunnels for the Japanese Garrison.  It was obvious to the Japanese that their war was almost over, however  they proceeded everywhere, with programmes where they could  store ammunition or use as air raid shelters or places where POWs could be disposed.

Swann and Gleeson were the only two to return home to WA.

Hector Bishop was the eldest of the boys from Mundijong, he was also the first to enlist in 23 October 1940. Bishop was a driver with Headquarters and was KIA on 12 February 1942.   Hector was married and his son and first born child was born 2 weeks after his death.
Syd Darby enlisted 19 August 1941 was KIA 10 February 1942. Syd lived in Holyoake with his family. It is believed he worked around Mundijong. He was a good mate of George Leipold.
Steve Gleeson was a very lucky man as he survived his leg being amputated below his knee whilst working on the railway about 1943. He returned home.
Bill Swann, an apiarist,  enlisted on 7th December 1941. With very little training Bill was fighting in Singapore with the reinforcements and his mates from Mundijong within 2 months.
Bill returned home to WA.  He remained in Changi as POW and was involved with work in the Vitamin Centre.
Except for Hector Bishop, the four young men had only minimal training prior to being selected for 2/4th reinforcements.


Mundijong WW2 Memorial
Mundijong WW2 Memorial – can be found at the Community Centre
Paterson Rd,  Mundijong, Western Austtalia, 6123
Memorial tablet
erected by members of the Mundijong district
To commemorate the services rendered in
1939 – 1945 World War
By members of the three armed forces
and to pay everlasting tribute
to those who paid the supreme sacrifice
Defending their country
Bishop H.J. Hopkinson W.
Calvin A. Leipold G.R.
Lightbody H.T.
“We will remember them”
Mundijong’s new War Memorial – erection date unknown.