Ewen, Murray Colour Patch the men of the 2/4th Australian Machine Gun Battalion, 1940-1945 (Victoria Park, W.A.: Hesperian Press, 2003) Colour Patch has been used extensively throughout this website thanks to the generosity of Murray Ewen. Copies of his book are still available, please use the ‘Contact’ facility of this website for your request to be passed on to Murray.
Past issues of Borehole Bulletin, 2/4th MGB Newsletter compiled by past Presidents and Secretaries, and printed by many volunteers  over the years stretching back to the beginning in 1946 – we acknowledge and thank you.  We have gained valuable knowledge.
We are however missing some earlier copies – we ask  family members, if you come across early copies of ‘Borehole Bulletin’ or any early POW newsletters, can you please contact us.
These regular newsletters over the years kept veterans informed of the location and health of their mates, their wives and families, whether they retired and moved, deaths, notified them of updates and changes to their benefits;  notified them what was available to those with physical disabilities (which as they aged – was everybody).  The Borehole was news everybody looked forward to receiving whether sad or happy.   All their social events were regularly included. Often the men would hear the latest news of another former POW – somebody had they hadn’t heard of for 20-30 years, sometimes sadly of their death.
* Books printed in Blue have been written by men of the 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
Adam-Smith, Patsy AUSTRALIAN PRISONERS OF WAR  published by The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd 2014  ISBN: 9781760062781
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WX13977 AIREY, GEORGE FREDERICK (Fred) enlisted AIF 27 Jul, 1939 later joined 2/4th MGB’s Battalion Headquarters as Regimental Sergeant Major to Commanding Officer Lt-Col Michael Anketell. Following capitulation in Singapore he was taken to a remote location with three others from 2/4th to be executed by the Japanese.  He survived and managed to escape to Java via Sumatra where he was taken POW.
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Beattie, Rod, OAM, MBE, OON The Death Railway
A brief history of The Thailand-Burna Railway, Updated 2015
Published T.B.R.C. Ltd. Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  www.tbrconlinecom
We would like to recognise and thank Rod Beattie for the many years of research he has personally completed on researching the locations,  history and mysteries of the Railway.  He was instrumental in establishing the Thai Burma Railway Museum in Kanchanaburi and Hellfire Pass Museum.

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(2/4th Machine Gun Battalion WX14836 LANE, Jack Kenneth (previously known as Ramsbottom) ‘A’ Company 5 Platoon, sent with ‘J’ Force to Japan.  Former Fairbridge Farm Schoolboy) 


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(Lance Corporal McGregor was clerk with ‘B’ Company HQ.  Escaped Singapore with Penrod Dean, captured and sentenced to Outram Road Gaol.)
  • *McGregor lost his eye sight do to the rigours and little food at Outram Road Gaol.  He learned braille.  He wrote and published his book well before Dean’s Samurai Warrior, in fact he had died before Dean published – leaving some questions about several aspects of Dean’s published account)  
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WX3454 SAGGERS, ALBERT ERNEST (BERT) Major, Commanding Officer, ‘A’ Coy Headquarters.  At Singapore he was transferred as  CO to the newly formed  ‘E’ Company, Special Reserve Battalion. 
At Singapore he was 2 I/C of Pay & Records with ‘H’ Force Group No. who travelled to Burma-Thai Railway.
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Winstanley Lt Col Peter RFD (Ret’d) Medical Officers (Doctors) on the Burma Thailand Railway during WW2 2012,  248/85 Hester Ave, Merriwa WA 6030.                        Web Page:
Winstanley Lt Col Peter(Ret’d) OAM RFD Articles about Prisoners of War of the Japanese, Including the Burma Thailand Railway 1941-1945, 248/85 Hestor Ave, Merriwa 6030  Web Page:
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* This is an eyewitness account of the meetings and planning during those critical weeks leading to the Fall of Singapore. Wyett’s insight on Bennett and other decision makers will surprise.
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