Nominal Roll

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Unit # Rank Surname First Name/s
WX239 Cpl Aberle John Roughton
WX7622 Pte Ablett Norman Leslie
WX9828 Pte Adams Arthur Alfred
WX8245 Pte Adams Edwin Thomas
WX13977 WO1 Airey George Frederick
WX8599 Pte Alderton John
WX17915 Pte Allen Thomas William
WX7064 Pte Allpike Bert Winfield James
WX10874 Lt Ambrose Theodore Rosslyn
WX3464 Cpt RMO Anderson Claude Leonard
WX9123 Pte Anderson Cyril William Max
WX8872 L/Cpl Anderson Daniel Frank
WX15433 Cpl Anderson James Lorimer
WX9289 Pte Anderson Ronald George
WX14634 Pte Anderson William George Harvey
WX8518 Pte Anderton William Francis
WX17793 Pte Andrews William Joseph
WX3376 Lt/Col Anketell Michael Joseph
WX13457 Pte Annear Dudley Athelstan
WX13468 Pte Annear Richard Winston
WX7905 Sgt Annesley Frederick John
WX13515 L/Cpl Annetts Albert Brian Walter
WX10787 Sgt Arbery Ronald Edward
WX7370 Pte Armstrong Charles William
WX7717 L/Cpl Armstrong Francis
WX8963 Pte Armstrong Leonard
WX7046 Cpl Armstrong Malcolm
WX9011 Cpl Arthur Gerard Charles
WX17251 Cpl Ashbolt Lloyd George
WX9342 Pte Atkinson Herbert
WX7444 Pte Attenborough Arthur Richard
WX8729 Pte Badock Ronald Collett
WX9864 Pte Baggs Royal James
WX8829 Pte Bagrie James
WX10920 Pte Bailey Neville Ernest
WX9294 Pte Baillie William Finlay
WX8720 Pte Baker Arthur Joseph
WX8981 Pte Baker Eric Reginald
WX8962 Cpl Baker John Andrew
WX9367 Pte Baker John Robert
WX8682 Pte Baker William Robert Samuel
WX7495 Pte Ball Leo Patrick
WX8485 Cpl Bamford Allan Wesley
WX10343 Pte Banks Noel Edwin
WX7587 Pte Barbour Thomas
WX7164 Pte Barker Frederick
WX6970 Pte Barnes Alfred John
WX222 Cpl Barnett Thomas James
WX8429 Pte Barnett Victor George
WX7611 Pte Barr Robert Shipley
WX7796 Pte Barrass Joseph John Samuel
WX8185 Pte Barry James Joseph
WX9589 Pte Barrymore Frederick Markwell
WX9361 Pte Bartlett Michael Arthur
WX9195 Pte Basell James William
WX9018 Pte Bates Edward Nimrod
WX8140 Pte Baxter Francis John
WX9277 Pte Beard Thomas James
WX7883 Pte Beard William Herbert
WX14855 Pte Beaton Peter Roderick
WX10791 Pte Beattie Alan Robert
WX1342 Pte Beckham Ronald Clifford
WX7636 Pte Beer William John
WX12765 Pte Beilby Phillip James
WX9063 Pte Bell Albert James
WX691 WO2 Bell Edward
WX16389 Pte Bell Robert Joseph
WX17864 Pte Bendall Bertram Alfred
WX9340 Pte Bennett Henry Patrick
WX9061 Cpl Bevis Daniel Edmund
WX8798 Pte Biggs Guy Percival
WX9017 Pte Bird Charles Roland
WX8650 Pte Bishop Hector John
WX12469 Pte Blackborrow John Harold
WX7308 Pte Blair Leslie Andrew
WX10322 Lt Blakeway Colin
WX7937 Pte Blakiston Harold George
WX8709 Pte Blaschek Richard Bernard
WX8631 Pte Blewett Samuel James
WX8766 L/Cpl Booth Harold Vernon
WX8712 Pte Borrow Joseph
WX7600 Pte Bousfield George Reginald
WX7253 Pte Bow Walter Verdun
WX3483 Lt Boyle Kevin Charles
WX8796 L/Cpl Bracklemann Franz
WX9090 L/Cpl Bradshaw Norman
WX10372 Lt Branson George Howard
WX14226 L/Cpl Brazier Arthur Amos Murray
WX9229 Sgt Breed Walter Edward
WX11573 L/Cpl Breeze Gordon Guyton
WX9031 Cpl Brennan Maurice John
WX5050 L/Sgt Briggs John Arthur
WX7329 Pte Briggs Roy Albert
WX9288 Pte Brooker John Allen
WX9316 Pte Brooksbank Albert
WX7947 Pte Brown Allan Roy
WX17754 Pte Brown James
WX10805 Pte Brown Reginald James
WX12335 Pte Brown Ronald Edmund
WX8789 Pte Brown Sydney Thomas
WX7148 Pte Browne Maurice Lester
WX9283 Pte Browning John Henry
WX10841 Pte Bruce Arthur Crighton
WX17545 Pte Buchan John Robertson
WX15989 Pte Buckley John Scott
WX7629 Pte Bugg Frederick
WX13442 Pte Bullock Leonard Neville William
WX9278 Pte Bunce Edward William
WX9223 Pte Bunker Harold Thomas
WX3452 Capt Bunning Gavin McRae
WX14022 Cpl Burchell Ronald
WX7542 Pte Burdon Gregory Lachlan
WX15756 Pte Burgess Alfred John
WX16405 Pte Burgess Edward John
WX8098 WO2 Burgess William
WX7702 Pte Burns Clifford Edward
WX7333 Cpl Burns Arthur John
WX7316 Pte Burns Copeland James
WX7661 Pte Burslem George Nathaniel
WX7007 Pte Burton Edward George
WX7790 Pte Buscombe Thomas Henry
WX17755 Pte Butcher Manson William Frank
WX7469 Pte Butler Thomas Joseph
WX6155 Pte Byrne Leo Patrick
WX9261 Pte Caimanos John Nicholas
WX17860 Pte Cain Henry David
WX12661 Pte Cake William Ernest
WX10365 Pte Caldwell Maurice William
WX3451 Major Cameron Colin
WX11226 Cpl Cameron Graeme Keats
WX20026 Pte Cameron William
WX9556 S/Sgt Campbell Randolf Stuart
WX7479 Pte Cannon Reginald Francis
WX8192 Pte Carlile Robert James
WX15785 Pte Carlyon William
WX15690 Pte Carr John Murray
WX9551 Pte Carroll Frank Vincent
WX7325 Pte Carruthers Raymond Francis
WX9326 Pte Carter Alfred Henry
WX8240 Sgt Carter Douglas Newington Hunter
WX8445 Pte Carter Reginald Charles
WX11584 Pte Case William Cecil
WX8792 Cpl Castles Wilfred Thomas
WX9060 Pte Cato Alfred Thomas James
WX16425 Pte Chamberlain Cyril Nichols
WX16795 Pte Chambers Frederick Charles
WX7504 S/Sgt Chapman Desmond Bruce
WX11279 Pte Chatfield George Keith
WX9388 Sgt Cheyne John Murray Colville
WX8123 Pte Chilvers Herbert Alfred Thomas
WX8397 Pte Chipperfield Robert William
WX7122 Cpl Clancy James Patrick
WX7163 Pte Clare John
WX6976 Cpl Clare John Mostyn
WX7714 Pte Clark Francis Denis John
WX9136 L/Cpl Clarke Basil William James
WX9360 Pte Clarke Edwin John
WX7625 Pte Clarke James Sydney
WX6632 Pte Clarke Samuel
WX12488 Pte Clay John William
WX10354 Pte Clayden Harold Thomas
WX10358 Pte Clayden Sydney Richard
WX16436 Pte Clifton Gordon Dagley
WX9243 Pte Clifton Kenneth
WX4927 Cpl Climie Austin Newman
WX10739 Pte Clothier William Ernest
WX16369 Pte Cocking Alfred John
WX9555 S/Sgt Cody Leslie
WX8808 Pte Colbey John Cuthbert
SX11457 Pte Cole Edwin Henry
WX10609 Sgt Colevas John Verdun
WX10282 Pte Collins Charles Leslie
WX9109 Pte Colquhoun Alexander John
WX4912 Pte Conway Thomas James
WX16306 Pte Cook Joseph
WX8822 Pte Cooper Henry James
WX15707 Pte Cooper Hugh Myles
WX16260 L/Cpl Cornell Edward Ainsley
WX9035 Sgt Cornish Ronald Hamilton
WX20018 Pte Correy John Livingston
NX76253 Chap Corry Francis Xavier
WX10048 Pte Cosson Edward James
WX3444 Major Cough Alfred John
WX9092 Pte Cousins Arnold Vivian
WX8641 Pte Cowie Harold John
WX16441 Pte Crane Thomas Daniel
WX15783 Pte Cripps David Charles
WX7268 Pte Cross Frederick Victor
WX9004 Pte Cryer Albert
WX17706 Pte Cunningham Alfred Thomas
WX3446 Lt Curnow Francis Lyle
WX5221 Cpl Currie Stanley Alfred
WX8735 Pte Curtin John Goode
WX9561 Cpl Dahlberg Albert Edward
WX8778 Pte Daily Louis Joseph
WX14068 Pte Dalrymple Gordon Alexander
WX15873 Pte Darby Sydney James
WX9334 Pte Dare John Francis
WX8681 Pte Davey Roy William
WX8587 Pte Davey William James
WX7909 Pte Davidson Thomas
WX20086 Pte Davies Gustave
WX8855 Pte Davies David John
WX16420 Pte Davis Harold Allan
WX7804 Pte Davison Thomas Medland
WX7240 Pte Day Donald Alexander
WX17391 Pte Day Martin William
WX10721 Pte De’Castilla Harry Bussell
WX6067 Lt Dean Penrod Vance
WX8011 Pte Delaporte Harry Thomas
WX8389 Lt Demoulin Henry Francis
WX6362 Pte Deveson Roy Alfred
WX8238 Pte Dewar Victor John Alexander
WX9328 Cpl Dickie Gordon Thomas
WX9310 Pte Dickson Andrew Alfred
WX12924 Pte Dix Edgar Albert
WX13869 Pte Dimopoulos Peter John
WX14856 Pte Docking Melville Roy
WX6917 Pte Doodson George James
WX9391 Sgt Doolan Bernard Patrick
WX8617 Cpl Dore James John
WX9274 Pte Dorizzi Gordon
WX7997 Pte Dorizzi Herbert
WX12884 Pte Dorizzi Thomas Henry
WX9557 Cpl Dorrington Frederick John
WX17881 Pte Doust Owen Alfred
WX17591 Pte Dow Claude
WX7299 Pte Doyle Thomas Francis
WX7777 Cpl Draper Arthur Montague
WX8830 Pte Drummond Alexander McDougal Donald
WX7943 Pte Drysdale Robert
WX10199 Pte Duggin John Allan
WX8584 Pte Duncan John Sharp
WX7236 Pte Dunn Cecil Henry
WX8092 Cpl Dunn Charles Henry
WX17595 Pte Dunnell Norman Lenard
WX9266 Pte Dunwoodie William
WX10390 Pte Dwyer William Andrew
WX20076 Pte Dwyer William
WX7599 Pte Dyson Archibald Henry
WX6262 Pte Earnshaw William Howard
WX10114 Pte Eastwood Harold
WX16947 Pte Ecclestone Roy Elliott
WX7266 Pte Edwards George Henry
WX7620 Pte Edwards Thomas Henry
WX7562 Pte Elkins Harry Laurence
WX5064 Pte Elliott Edwin Finlay
WX8619 Pte Elliott James Stuart
WX13079 Pte Ellis Ronald Edward
WX8381 Pte Elvish Robert Philip
WX20164 Pte Erskine Augustus Evelyn
WX9497 Pte Evans Benjamin A.K.A. Benjamin Tiley-Evans
WX14172 Cpl Evans Francis Clyde
WX17269 Pte Evans Kenneth Samuel
WX10057 Pte Evans Ronald Lumley
WX9230 Pte Evans Walter Cyril
WX9101 Cpl Ewen Jack Clifford
WX4915 Pte Facey Albert Barnett
WX9199 Pte Farmer Arthur Ernest
WX4945 Cpl Fawcus Hugh Robert Nelson
WX5088 Pte Fee Andrew Fee
WX225 WO1 Feltham Edward Thomas
WX7999 Pte Ferguson Reginald Paul
WX5217 Pte Ferrie Charles Gill
WX7663 Sgt Fidge Hurtle Stanley
WX9070 Pte Fielder Charles
WX8874 Pte Findlay Alexander William
WX7886 Pte Finlay Thomas Albert
WX7225 Pte Firns Thomas
WX5132 Pte Fisher George
WX8586 Pte Fitzgerald Basil
WX5425 Cpl Fitzgerald Thomas Martin
WX9039 Sgt Fitzpatrick Richard Newell
WX8657 L/Cpl Flakemore Charles
WX7864 Pte Flanagan James Joseph
WX9777 Pte Flanigan John Hugh
WX17374 Pte Flarty Neave
WX17745 Pte Fletcher Charles Henry
WX12663 Pte Floyed Arthur Ernest
WX8679 L/Cpl Foch Alfred Ernest
WX7709 L/Cpl Fogarty Cyril Alban
WX15719 Pte Foot Gordon
WX12427 Pte Foster Robert Arthur
WX10803 Pte Fotheringham Thomas Rantoul
WX7569 Cpl Foxall Stuart Edward
WX6506 Pte Fraser James Eric
WX10366 Pte Fraser Norman Wilson
WX15422 Pte Frost Basil Melville
WX7852 Sgt Fuhrmann Harry Charles
WX8119 Sgt Fullerton Rodney Charles
WX9270 Pte Fury Thomas Joseph
WX9132 Pte Gamble Arthur Raymond
WX10925 Sgt Gardiner Peter Alan
WX15041 Cpl Gardner Donald James
WX10622 Pte Gault Claude William
WX8000 Pte Geary Michael Herbert
WX7607 Sgt Gibbons Ronald Jack
WX16407 Pte Gibbs Lacey Gordon
WX8607 Pte Gibbs Percival John
WX9255 Pte Gibbs Stuart Henry
WX8958 Pte Gibbs William Herbert
WX17974 Pte Gibson Lionel Stephen
WX10994 Pte Gibson Norman Allen
WX8900 Pte Gibson Thomas Crosby
WX5335 Pte Giddens William Marcus
WX7998 Cpl Giese Philip Arthur
WX8788 Pte Giles Francis Leslie
WX8623 Pte Gilmour James
WX8622 L/Cpl Gilmour John Barry
WX8870 Pte Gittos Thomas Edwin
WX7595 Pte Glass George
WX16736 Pte Gleeson Stephen John
WX7606 Pte Godfrey Richard Edward
WX6980 Pte Golden Percy
WX7627 Pte Goldie James McLaughlan
WX9131 Pte Goodwin Reuben
WX12575 L/Cpl Gorman Glen Alvan
WX9336 Sgt Gorringe John
WX9335 Pte Gorringe Sydney
WX9062 Pte Gossage George John
WX8582 Pte Gough Norman Angus
WX17310 Pte Gough Norman Frederick Thomas
NX10420 Pte Goulden Robert Stuart
WX6258 Pte Grace James Henry
WX8228 L/Sgt Grant Norman Herbert
WX10378 Cpl Gray Charles William
WX15872 Pte Gray Lindsay Campbell
WX8373 Cpl Greaves Leonard
WX9558 WO2 Green Alfred Redvers
WX3435 Maj Green Charles Edward
WX10788 Lt Green Henry Frederick
WX7869 Cpl Green Thomas Henry
WX8540 Pte Green Thomas William
WX8674 Pte Gregory John Edgar James
WX5086 Pte Gregory Henry Josiah
WX9202 Pte Gregory Ronald Keith
WX8625 Pte Gregory William Rice
WX15247 Cpl Griffith Keith George
WX10693 Pte Grundy William Duncan
WX16383 Pte Gwilliam Horace Victor Wentworth
WX3450 Capt Gwynne George Whittindale
WX8003 Pte Hack Alexander Meora
WX7801 Pte Hackshaw Albert
WX7213 Pte Hadden Gilbert Valentine
WX9139 Pte Hadden Lloyd Foster
WX7246 Cpl Hadfield Ralph William
WX8250 Pte Halbert Francis
WX8433 Pte Haldane Robert William
WX10370 Pte Hall Douglas Charles John
WX8690 Pte Hall James Noel
WX8747 Pte Hall William Harrison
WX8819 Pte Halligan Jack
WX8807 Cpl Halligan William Arthur
WX14830 Pte Haly Standish O’Grady
WX6975 Pte Ham Reginald John
WX10745 Pte Hambley Albert James
WX4991 L/Sgt Hambley Ernest Edgar
WX8718 S/Sgt Hammer Harry
WX7123 L/Sgt Hampson Robert Douglas
WX9405 WO2 Hampton Thomas
WX7987 Pte Hancock George
WX9365 Pte Hancock Leonard Horace
WX10678 Sgt Hansen Benjamin Edwin
WX15736 Pte Hansen Robert
WX12157 Pte Hardey Edward Charles
WX16793 Pte Hargreaves Arthur Mack
WX7851 Pte Harris Charles
WX4985 Sgt Harris Norman Joseph
WX8695 Pte Harris William Denis
WX7745 Pte Harrison Bernard George
WX8733 Pte Harrison Henry Ralph
WX10822 Cpl Harvey Laurence John
WX8374 Pte Hayes Norman Patrick
WX8408 Pte Hayes Albert George
WX11202 Pte Hayes Keith Thomas
WX9175 Cpl Haywood William Thomas
WX9320 Pte Heal Herbert William
WX6968 Pte Heffernan John Charles
WX18022 Pte Heinz-Smith Frederick Joseph
WX9755 L/Cpl Helliwell Leonard
WX8638 Pte Hellmrich Leslie Clive
WX10095 Cpl Helsin John Frederick
WX7642 Pte Henderson Clarence Gordon
WX8384 Pte Henderson Robert Gordon
WX9348 Cpl Heppell Colin Leslie
WX8525 Pte Heppingstone Ian David
WX7976 Pte Hermon Frederick
WX8207 WO2 Hewby Arthur Sidney
WX18170 Pte Hickey Stanley Raymond
WX9290 Pte Hicks George Halley
WX5206 Pte Hicks William
WX9559 Cpl Hickson William Hamilton
WX6602 Pte Hill Alan McKay
WX7029 Pte Hill Ernest Thornton
WX8756 L/Cpl Hill John
WX3434 Capt Hill Jack Harris
WX7705 Pte Hill Ronald
WX6778 Pte Hills John Bedford
WX8869 L/Cpl Hindle Herbert Roy
WX8597 Pte Hinds Francis
WX8198 Pte Hinnrichsen Frank
WX16446 Pte Hobson Clifford
WX9240 Pte Hockey Harold Gerard
WX9350 Pte Hodgins Patrick George
WX9231 Pte Hodgson Leonard Sydney
WX8984 Pte Hogben Sydney Mervyn
WX17634 Pte Holding Walter
WX7465 Pte Holdman Norman Phillip
WX17997 Pte Holland Hubert Mervyn
WX17636 Pte Holland Harold William
WX8986 Sgt Holm David
WX16416 Pte Holme Charles
WX9286 Pte Holmes Charles
WX8678 Pte Holst Eric Joseph
WX7550 Pte Holt William John
WX7618 Cpl Holtzman Leslie Norman
WX7471 Cpl Hood William Hopton Patrick
WX7022 Pte Hope Edwin James
WX10635 Pte Hoppe Vernon Thomas William
WX9241 Pte Hopson Edward Mason
WX9418 Cpl Horn Douglas Radcliffe
WX9323 Pte Hortin Melville William
WX10097 L/Cpl Hosking Aubrey
WX20025 Pte Hounslow Lionel Rosebury
NX73270 Pte Howard Bernard James
WX7628 Sgt Howard Edgar Joseph
WX15099 Sgt Howe Clifford Thomas
WX6967 Pte Howe James
WX5181 Pte Howell Kenneth Jack
WX16981 Pte Howson William Robert
WX10795 Pte Hughes Ronald Edward
WX10931 Pte Hummerston Laurence Slade
WX9327 Cpl Hunt Edgar Harold
WX16375 Pte Hunt John William
WX9130 Cpl Hunter Malcolm Ashton
WX17351 Pte Hurst Patrick George
WX7332 Cpl Hutchinson Walter Wilbour
WX7646 Pte Hutchison Robert Bamford
WX9552 Sgt Innes William Leonard
WX8327 Cpl Ironmonger Charles Henry
WX7889 Pte Isaac John
WX8750 Pte Jackson Huia Albert
WX8813 L/Cpl Jackson Thomas Marshall
WX10804 Sgt Jacobs Harold Aka Harold Cater-Jacobs
WX15402 Pte Jaensch Lawrence
WX8610 Pte James Trevor Ernest John
WX7467 Cpl Jamieson Donald Keith
WX8702 Pte Japp Gilbert
WX7697 L/Cpl Jeffery Ronald Ralph
WX17576 Pte Jeffery Wiliam Laurence
WX5118 Pte Jenkins James Morgan
WX8730 Pte Jenkins Thomas King
WX15640 Pte Johnson Henry Joseph
WX7510 Pte Jones Alfred James
WX9112 Pte Jones Benjamin Charles
WX10897 Pte Jones Evan Bartlett
WX7453 Pte Jones Edgar Cheetham
WX7234 Pte Jones Ivor William
WX9433 Pte Jones Norman
WX9297 Pte Joynes Colin
WX17452 Pte Kearney Laurence Daniel
WX8431 WO2 Keay Vivian Albert
WX9915 Pte Keirle Francis Herbert
WX7541 Pte Keitel Clement Charles
WX7612 Pte Kelly Charles George McQueen
WX9151 Pte Kelt Robert James
WX7624 Cpl Kemp Edgar Charles
WX8543 Pte Kemp Leslie William Samuel
WX16340 Pte Kenmir Robert Henry
WX10910 Cpl Kennedy Mervyn St John
WX8532 Cpl Kenney Wallace George Bruce
WX7250 Pte Kidd George
WX16236 Pte King Alfred Victor
WX8007 Pte King Edric Herbert
WX8178 Pte King James Hunter
WX6429 Pte King William John
WX15700 Pte Kingdon John
WX4949 Sgt Kingswell Ronald James
WX16391 Pte Kluth Gerry Brown
WX7616 Pte Knott Claude
WX7446 Pte Krasnostein Leslie
WX8336 Pte Kuhl Friedrich Godfried
WX8077 Pte Kuhlmann Laurance Anzac Christian
WX10715 Pte Kyriakos Jack George Alexander
WX17582 Pte Lake George
WX8767 Pte Lakeman Percival Henry Charles
WX9318 Pte Lally Kenneth
WX9528 Pte Lambie Andrew
WX15951 Cpl Lance Kenneth Stanley
WX11228 Sgt Lander Raymond Malcolm
WX4877 Pte Landwehr Frederick Henry
WX16439 Pte Lane Dennis Richard
WX9293 Pte Langdon Ronald Guy
QX6599 Pte Lawer Ivan William
WX8810 Pte Lawer Reginald Frederick
WX8425 Pte Leadbitter Edward Johnathan
WX9312 Pte Leahy Michael John
WX7043 Pte Lear Harold Bernard
WX10107 Lt Learmonth Robert William
WX9387 Lt Lee Charles Donald
WX9214 Pte Lee John
WX10108 Lt Lee Kenneth George
WX7230 Pte Lee Leslie Herbert
WX15744 Pte Lee Leslie Wallace
WX7640 L/Cpl Lee-Steere Forrest
WX16355 Pte Leipold George Richard
WX4917 Pte Leith John Bremner
WX10806 Pte Lessels Kenneth Edgar
WX11316 Pte Lewis Laurence Harold
WX7441 Pte Lewis Thomas Hugh
WX8960 L/Cpl Limbourn Thomas Alfred
WX16332 Pte Lind James
WX17759 Pte Livingstone John Scott
WX9321 Pte Loller Andrew James
WX12717 Pte London Arthur Harold Stephen
WX16727 Pte Lonsdale Joseph Lewis
WX7285 Pte Love Harrie Robert
WX13752 Pte Lucas Harry
WX17778 Pte Ludge Frederick John
WX9146 Pte Lush Christopher Robert
WX8675 Pte Lyle Robert Russell
WX17515 Pte Lymn Ronald Ruben
WX7847 Pte Lynam Gordon Lawrence
WX8639 Pte Lynch Joseph John
WX7204 L/Cpl Lynn Walter Ernest
WX224 Pte MacDonald John
WX17566 Pte MacDonald John Kenneth Alexander
WX9279 Pte MacDonald Lindsay Murray
WX3707 Lt MacKinnon Graham Charles
WX8377 Sgt MacLennan Kenneth Thomas
WX17302 Pte MacLeod William
WX8689 Cpl MacMaster Hector Cecil Stanley
WX9801 Pte MaConachie Roy David
WX16886 Cpl Magill Arthur Melville
WX8656 Pte Magor Reginald Gordon
WX7239 Pte Malthouse John William
WX5175 Pte Mann Eric Horsley
WX7660 Pte Manning Donald Thomas
WX8484 Lt Manning Herbert John
WX11472 Cpl Manthorpe Ronald Frederick
WX11455 Sgt Mantle Alfred Norman
WX8015 Pte Manton James Charles
WX7438 Sgt Manwaring Bryan Harry
WX7124 Pte Marriot Leslie James
WX17639 Pte Marsh Robert Walter
WX16341 Pte Martin Samuel Thomas
WX9296 Pte Matheson Donald Angus
WX16347 Pte Matson Wilford Neville
WX17000 Pte Matthews Frederick Noel
WX7042 L/Cpl Matthews Roy
WX13285 Pte Maude Jack
WX7216 Lt Mazza Angelo Enrico
WX8261 Pte McAskil Robert Ramsay
WX3440 Lt McCaffrey Francis Gerald
WX17837 Pte McCann Leslie William
WX8435 Pte McCann Robert
WX9324 Pte McCarthy Jack
WX5584 Pte McCracken Ronald Duncan
WX8820 Pte McCudden Wallace Patrick
WX8620 L/Cpl McDonald Clarence John
WX5163 L/Cpl McDonald Colin Keith
WX8621 Pte McDonald Keith Kitchener
WX9052 Pte McDonough Henry Elvin
WX8790 Pte McEwen William
WX20095 Pte McEwen William Alexander
WX3442 Capt McEwin Oswald Sydney
WX9145 Pte McGhee Alfred Joseph
WX7436 Cpl McGinty Joseph Michael
WX11580 Pte McGlinn Donald Spencer
WX8478 Pte McGlinn Francis Thomas
WX8611 Pte McGrath Laurence James
WX12835 L/Cpl McGregor John Alexander
WX9849 Pte McIntosh Archibald James Livie
WX7138 Pte McKay William
WX15838 Pte McKenzie-Murray Robert James
WX7608 Cpl McLennan Chris
WX9825 Pte McLoughlin Charles Peter
WX8760 Pte McMahon Thomas Membury
WX15720 WO2 McNeil Stanley Scott
WX8834 Pte McNulty Wilfred Noel Kain
WX7675 Pte McPherson Cyril John
WX8243 Sgt McQuade Ambrose
WX6203 Pte McSkene James
WX10388 Cpl Meads Kenneth Lawrance
WX7241 Pte Meakins Eric
WX9393 Lt Meiklejohn John Thompson
WX8441 Pte Mellor John Blain
WX228 Lt Mentiplay David Victor
WX8319 Pte Meredith Joshua William
WX9826 Pte Millar Hubert James
WX7885 Pte Miller Albert
WX8013 Pte Miller Edwin Ernest
WX13338 L/Cpl Miller Reginald James
WX16675 Pte Millhouse Rupert John
WX9222 Pte Minchin Thomas Albert Henry
WX7662 Cpl Minchin Alec Randolph
WX11629 Pte Mitchell Keith Bedford
WX13562 Pte Moate Peter Joseph
WX17737 Pte Moher Kenneth
WX9337 Pte Moir Andrew Donald
WX15905 Pte Moir Edward George
WX9339 Pte Moir George
WX8012 Pte Moir Kevin George
WX9338 Pte Moir Lloyd Owen
WX8973 L/Cpl Mongan George Gabriel
WX8076 Pte Moore Frank Clifford
WX15386 Pte Moran Ronald Keith
WX9233 Pte Morgan Alfred John
WX6173 Pte Morris Owen
WX8200 Pte Morris William Richard
WX15746 Pte Morrison Arthur Edward
WX9384 Lt Morrison John Campbell
WX15751 Pte Morrissey Albert Edward
WX15684 Cpl Muldoon John Ernest
WX4941 Pte Muller Raymond
WX17390 Pte Munday Ernest Montague
WX12599 Pte Murdoch Arthur Reginald
WX5336 Pte Murdoch James Lewis
WX16674 Pte Murphy James Joseph
WX7426 Pte Murphy John Patrick
WX10796 Pte Murray Louis McGuffy
WX10792 Pte Murtagh Edwin John
WX9887 Pte Mussman Alfred Charles
WX7181 Pte Mutton Charles
WX17363 Pte Nash Claude Ocea
WX15457 Pte Nash Samuel Edward
WX8707 Cpl Nazzari Francisco
WX9260 Pte Neale Stanley Edward
WX8137 L/Cpl Needham John William Haynes
WX12985 L/Cpl Negri Peter James
WX5220 Pte Neilson Harold Frederick
WX14031 L/Cpl Nelson Cecil Thomas
WX9256 Pte Nevile George Edward
WX5196 Pte New Frank Henry
WX8749 Pte Newell Archie Gerald
WX17458 Pte Newling Oswald Kitchener
WX8432 Pte Newling Rexford Frank
WX8865 Pte Newling Rolf Walker
NX73279 Pte Newman Cecil William
WX9207 Pte Newton Alfred
WX10809 Pte Nicholas William John
WX7645 Pte Nicholls William James
WX7940 Pte Nicholson Walter George
WX16417 Pte Ninyette Samuel
WX9413 Pte Noble Frank Richard
WX7659 Pte Nolan Edwin Leslie
WX10790 L/Cpl Norris Harry Claude
WX9407 Sgt) Northey Gerard
WX8493 Pte Norton Albert William
WX16293 Pte Norton Harris Herbert Thomas
WX9181 Pte Nottle Wilfred Harold
WX14327 Pte Nybo Lawrance Roy
WX8174 L/Sgt O’Leary Daniel Martin
WX7981 Pte O’Meara Joseph Patrick
WX5222 Pte O’Neil Leslie
WX8828 Pte O’Neill William Darcy
WX9390 Lt O’Sullivan Bernard Matthew
WX8481 Pte Oag Alexander Sutherland
WX7336 Pte Ockerby Harold Bertram
WX9406 Lt Odgers Charles Percival
WX11001 Capt Odlum Anthony Henry Rupert
WX9345 Sgt Ohrt Gordon Spurgeon
WX12628 Pte Oliver Stirling John
WX12156 Pte Omiridis Petros Vassilious
WX16279 Pte Osborne Eric Francis
WX9287 Pte Osborne John Robert
WX7634 Pte Osborne Sydney Albert
WX16931 Pte Oswald Henry(Hugh) Christopher
WX10802 Cpl Outtrim Noel James
WX9129 Pte Ovens Ernest Jesse
WX4934 Pte Page Ronald Arthur
WX16448 Pte Park Albert Wilfred Lance
WX7724 Pte Parke Albert Sydney
WX7738 Pte Parke Charles Spencer
WX8642 Pte Parker Douglas
WX12336 Pte Pascall Reginald
WX7409 Pte Pascoe Thomas Anthony
WX5123 Pte Pass John Stanley
WX9073 Cpl Paterson William James
WX8856 Pte Pearce Harry Walter
WX9268 L/Sgt Pearce Joseph
WX8118 Sgt Pearson John Eyres
WX13816 Pte Pearson Donald David
WX7458 Pte Peat Leonard Oswald
WX9197 Pte Peers John Edgar
WX17414 Pte Peters John Stanley
WX3465 Capt Phelps Robert Maynard
WX10389 L/Sgt Phillips Cecil Allen
WX7902 Pte Philp William Hawksley
WX9055 Pte Pickett Harry
WX9238 Sgt Pierson Thomas William
WX13027 L/Cpl Piggott Charles Rossiter
WX17393 Pte Pilmoor Thomas
WX20157 Pte Pimlott Robert Sidney
WX7626 Pte Pitts Albert Leslie
WX16883 Sgt Platts Norman Willis
WX13429 Pte Poole William Neil
WX9263 Pte Popham Edward Charles Steven
WX9764 Pte Poulton Bertram Frederick
WX8840 Pte Powell Allen Ethelbert
WX9554 Cpl Powell Arthur Lindsay Roy
WX7320 Pte Poyser Leslie Andrew
WX8705 Pte Pratt Robert William
WX7416 Pte Preedy Eric Lincoln
WX8739 Pte Pritchard Frederick Francis
WX8716 Pte Pritchard Francis Kenneth
WX6172 Pte Procter Harold Edward
WX8725 Pte Pryce John Henry Lloyd
WX9946 L/Cpl Pummell Ephraim Albert
WX8826 Pte Purchon Leonard
WX9285 Pte Quinn Cecil George
WX5054 Pte Quinn Daniel Adair Cormack
WX7831 L/Cpl Quinn James Patrick
WX7511 Pte Rabone John Argent
WX15829 Pte Radburn Harold
WX20107 Pte Ralph Arthur
WX20068 Pte Ralph Henry Waldock
WX9059 Sgt Ramage George Robert
WX14836 Pte Ramsbottom Jack Kenneth
WX16356 Pte Randall Ernest Edward
WX9563 Cpl Randall John
WX3447 Lt Raphael Geoffrey Wyatt Alfred
WX9357 Pte Rayner Leslie Robert
WX16281 Pte Reay George Linton
WX8503 Pte Reed Richard Charles
WX6129 Pte Rees Arthur John
WX7621 Pte Reeves William Walter
WX9295 Pte Reid Sydney
WX17857 Pte Reid Vernon Spence
WX7493 Pte Rennie Robert George Stanton
WX11046 Lt Riches Leslie Gordon
WX6799 Pte Ricketts Ernest
WX14197 Pte Ridgwell Richard William
WX20074 Pte Ridley John Thomas
WX8952 Pte Riebe Robert Ronald
WX15743 Pte Ritchie William Robert
WX7750 Pte Roberts Stanley Henry George
WX16618 Pte Roberts Ronald Weston
WX9358 Pte Roberts William Charles
WX7331 Pte Robertson Claude Wilfred
WX16427 Pte Robertson Donald Charles
WX15941 Pte Robinson James William
WX10351 Pte Robinson John
WX5200 Pte Robinson William Joseph
WX10808 Pte Rochester John
WX7509 Pte Rodda Arthur William
WX9005 Pte Rogers Eric Reginald
WX8652 Pte Rogie Andrew Middleton
WX16269 Pte Ronan Edward John
WX15893 Pte Roots Stephen Edgar
WX7835 Pte Rosel William Lowes
WX9253 Pte Ross Donald
WX10066 Pte Ross Douglas Godfrey
WX7656 Pte Rouse George Robert
WX10793 Cpl Rowell Edward John
WX17293 Sgt Rowland Arthur John Charles
WX9383 Lt Royce John Douglas
WX7474 Pte Rubery Herbert Michael
WX10164 Pte Russell Douglas Norman
WX10785 Sgt Rutherford John Maurice
WX8734 Pte Ryan Cornelius
WX16767 Pte Ryan Eric William
WX3454 Maj Saggers Albert Ernest
WX8777 Sgt Sanderson John William
WX8809 Sgt Sandilands Richard Henry
WX9272 Pte Saunders Arthur Gilbert
WX7211 L/Cpl Saunders Clarence Samuel
WX9045 L/Sgt Saw Harold Edward
WX7939 Pte Sawyer Clarence John
WX7256 Pte Sawyer Thomas Keith
WX7617 Pte Scaddan Harry Wright
WX12202 L/Cpl Scala Mervyn Stewart
WX8843 Pte Scales James
WX5007 Sgt Schurmann John Henry
WX8562 Pte Schuts Aubrey Vincent
WX12949 Pte Scott James Lappin
WX17899 Pte Scott Stanley Gordon
WX7532 Pte Semple Robin Roy
WX8544 Pte Sevier Joseph
WX7330 Pte Shackleton Ellis
WX9252 Pte Shackleton James Harold
WX8430 Pte Sheedy Nigel John
WX7623 Pte Shelton George Tom
WX5018 Pte Shelvock Charles Baden
WX18151 Pte Shier Arthur Roy
WX8535 Pte Shirley Arthur Francis
WX8693 Pte Short William Lindsay
WX8141 Pte Simkin Ronald Henry
WX7576 Pte Simmonds Norman Edward
WX16952 Pte Simmonds Roy Albert
WX16424 Pte Sing Alfred
WX6681 Pte Skelton John Bartley
WX9282 Sgt Skinner Francis Kenneth Herbert
WX17344 Pte Slater Albert
WX7506 Pte Sloane Robert Leo
WX6441 Pte Smith Alexander Julian
WX14644 Sgt Smith Clifford Vaughan
WX4891 Cpl Smith George
WX17448 Pte Smith Harold Mervyn
WX12252 Pte Smith Jack Edward
WX6841 Pte Smith John Stewart
WX7893 L/Cpl Smith James Stanley
WX7784 L/Cpl Smith John William
WX9143 Pte Smith Montague Joseph
WX13552 Pte Smith Roy Aka Lionel Charles Evans
WX8736 Pte Smith Robert Leighton
WX7904 Pte Smith Raymond Matthew
WX8731 Pte Smith Thomas Ernest
WX8506 Pte Smith Walter John
WX3453 Capt Smith-Ryan Avon Reah
WX7127 Sgt Solly John Frederick
WX7715 Cpl Spackman Clifford Joseph
WX8467 L/Cpl Spence Roderick Heslop Campbell
WX7337 L/Cpl Spooner Alec
WX8646 L/Cpl Spouse Arthur Percival
WX13553 Pte Spouse Sydney Francis
WX16885 Pte Squance Clifford Dudley
WX9330 Pte Squire Dudley Joseph
WX7789 Cpl Stanwell Oliver Moir
WX8758 Pte Starcevich Joseph Frederick
WX9419 Pte Steele Harold William
WX8596 Cpl Sterrett Douglas Francis
WX227 Sgt Stevens Alfred
WX7324 L/Cpl Stewart Reginald Harry
WX17594 Pte Stone George Clifford
WX8041 Pte Stone Walter Joseph
WX9178 Pte Street Jack Oliver
WX9080 L/Cpl Stribley Albert William
WX9058 Pte Stribley Norman Leslie
WX9827 Pte Stribling Reginald Harold
WX8738 Pte Struthers William
WX15869 Pte Struthoff Albert John
WX14495 Pte Stuart William George Raymond
WX9332 Pte Stubbs John Bowe
WX10794 Sgt Sturtridge Percy Alfred
WX7563 Pte Sullivan Edmund Herbert
WX9134 Pte Sumner Joseph
WX15967 Pte Sutherland Donald Elias
WX17907 Pte Swann William Thomas
WX4924 Pte Swartz Joseph
WX12378 Sgt Swift John Cecil
WX16324 Pte Tanner George Douglas
WX9157 Pte Tapper Albert Leslie
WX8180 Pte Taylor Edward George
WX8450 Pte Taylor Frederic Laurence
WX8448 Pte Taylor George
WX14775 Pte Taylor George Lane
WX8867 Cpl Taylor George William
WX14733 Pte Taylor John
WX4986 Pte Taylor John Alexander
WX4921 Sgt Taylor James Templeton
WX10865 Cpl Teasdale Thomas Eric
WX8699 Cpl Thackrah Cyril Bernard
WX7248 Pte Thaxter Frank Dawson
WX3424 Capt Thomas Archibald William
WX6623 Pte Thomas David William
WX7480 Pte Thomas William Llewellyn
WX3448 Capt Thompson George Alan Jack
WX10927 L/Cpl Thompson Norman Harding Edward
WX17615 Pte Thomsett Ernest James
WX10117 Pte Thomson Eric Gerrard
WX9562 Sgt Thorley Ivor Edwin
WX10289 Pte Thorns Arthur Stanley
WX8460 Pte Thorpe James
WX9382 Lt Till James John
WX15712 Pte Tischler William Walter
WX7470 Pte Todd Richard Lloyd
WX8139 Pte Tomkins Percy Reeve
WX7996 Lt Tomkins Thomas Horace
WX7664 Pte Toms Frederick William
WX15897 Pte Toovey Francis Andrew
WX16323 Pte Tooze Reginald Gerald
WX10797 Cpl Townsend Frank Mcphail
WX9351 Pte Treasure John
WX9280 Pte Tregenza Frederick Thomas
WX9325 Sgt Tregenza John Ernest
WX17882 Pte Trigwell Allan George
WX17863 Pte Trigwell Vernon Chapman
WX7484 Pte Tucker William John
WX8357 Sgt Tucker Kenneth Dudley
WX8491 Cpl Tuffin Reginald George
WX17593 Pte Turner Harold Raymond
WX9226 Pte Tysoe Harry
WX9385 WO2 Unsworth James
WX5932 Pte Vaughan Frank
WX9292 Pte Venemore Norman James
WX8585 Pte Vidler Cyril Jack
NX46354 Lt Vincent Colville Denys Jardine
WX9372 Sgt Viney Selwyn Desmond
WX9236 Pte Waddell Eric John
WX17879 Pte Wade Gabriel John
WX5021 Pte Waghorn Henry William
WX9560 S/Sgt Wainwright John William
WX16370 Pte Walker Arthur Lewis
WX9224 Pte Walker Harold Alexander
WX15614 Pte Walker Robert Joseph
WX12989 Pte Wall Herbert John
WX17962 Pte Wallin Edward William
WX16442 Pte Wallis Vincent
WX7466 L/Cpl Walsh Bernard James
WX8776 Pte Walsh Leo
WX10363 Lt Walton Alexander Brian
WX9392 Lt Wankey Milton Eric
WX7913 Pte Ward Frederick Thomas
NX70433 Lt Warhurst Victor Ingleby
WX8626 Pte Warne Neil
WX8765 Pte Warren-Smith John
WX10382 Pte Warrington John
WX8356 Pte Watkins Walter Stafford
WX9381 Lt Watson Arthur Henry
WX8502 Pte Watt Elliott Alfred Alexander
WX9067 Pte Watt Eric George
WX10761 Pte Watters Tom Murray
WX7502 Pte Wayman Thomas Sylvester
WX12008 L/Cpl Wearn Thomas Clifford
WX8929 Pte Webb Frederick William
WX17804 Pte Webb Albert Sidney Austin
WX9219 Pte Webb Clifford
WX16254 Pte Webber Claude William
WX9553 Lt Wedge Charles Newdegate
WX7757 Cpl Wells Hugo Clarence
WX7641 Pte Wenn Stanley Keith
WX7166 Pte Werrett Herbert Stanley
WX9570 Pte Westlake Percival Leonard
WX8753 Pte Wheelock Jack Logan
WX16274 Pte Whitacker Fred
WX9333 Pte White Arthur Thomas
WX8814 Pte White Clive Wharton
WX9002 Pte White Henry Charles Frederick
WX9076 Pte Whitelaw Robert Gregson
WX7477 Cpl Whiteman David Leslie Archibald
WX10561 Sgt Whitfield Robert George
WX7232 Pte Whitford Robert
WX9179 Pte Wilkes Hugh
WX8706 Pte Wilkie James
WX17604 Pte Wilkins Michael Henry
WX10049 Pte Wilkinson Mervyn Wilfred
WX6071 Pte Willacott Leslie George
WX1138 Pte Williams Alfred George
WX8672 Pte Williams George David
WX7011 L/Cpl Williams Herbert William
WX7263 Pte Williams Robert Edgar
WX16956 Pte Williams Robert Sydenham
WX7499 Pte Williams Ralph Thomas
WX11744 Pte Willimott George Edwin
WX11745 Pte Willimott James Frederick
WX17973 Pte Wilson John
WX17370 Pte Wilson John
WX9394 Lt Wilson James Graham
WX8014 L/Cpl Wilson Raymond Cooper
WX8438 S/Sgt Wilson Ronald Matthew
WX8110 L/Cpl Winter Alfred Daly
WX10373 Pte Winter Walter Victor
WX16426 Pte Wolfe William John
WX5073 Pte Wood Thomas Ashton
WX5204 Pte Worsdell Harold James
WX10012 Pte Worth Walter George
WX7440 Pte Worth Alfred
WX18142 Pte Wright Cyril Tom
WX13161 L/Cpl Wright Henry Edward
WX12593 Pte Wyllie Ronald William
WX9003 Pte Yeates Jack Leonard
WX7429 Pte Yensch Frederick Bernard
WX6958 Pte Young John
WX9379 PtePte ZeebZappa Thomas WilliamErnest Patrick