The Soldier's Details

First Name:
Michael Henry
Nick Name:
a.k.a. Percival Henry Wilkins
Regimental #:
‘E’ Company, Special Reserve Battalion
Place of Birth:
Geraldton, Western Australia
Father's Name:
Not Known
Mothers's Name:
Not Known
Roman Catholic
Pre-war Occupation:
Apprentice Plasterer
Selarang Camp Changi, Havelock Road Camp, River Valley Road Camp, Selarang Barracks Changi.
‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion
Camps Thailand:
Kinsaiyok, Brankassi, Non Pladuk
Camps Japan:
Fukuoka sub-Camp No. 17, Omuta, Fukuoka sub-Camp No. 12, Miyata
Aramis Party
Return Details 1945:
Nagasaki-Manila, details not known, Manila-Morotai-Darwin, PBY Catalina A24-377, Darwin-Perth, PBY Catalina.

General Description

Michael enlisted AIF 10 Nov 1941 and soon joined the reinforcements for 2/4th, departing on the ‘Aquitania’ on 16 Jan 1941 for Singapore.
Wilkins recorded his NOK as his sister Mrs N.H. Bushby Kukerin.


Rear L-R T.Allen & H.Wilkes Front L-R M.Wilkins, T.Gough & N.Flarty


L-R M.Wilkins, H.Wilkes & T.Gough

L-R M.Wilkins, H.Wilkes & T.Gough – all three young men enlisted AIF and were drafted into 2/4th reinforcements, ‘E’ Company SRB.  Incredibly, the three survived to return home.  They worked on Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force V Battalion, sailed with ‘Aramis’ Party to Japan.
He was one of the fortunate barely trained soldiers to survive with E Force.  Please read further about their battle in Singapore. 
As a POW at Singapore Wilkins left with ‘D’ Force V Battalion to work on the Burma-Thai Railway.  Mates tended to stock together.  The others in V Battalion included mates Wilkes, Gough and Flarty.   V Battalion endured terrible work and camp conditions and too many deaths.
Again the three mates remained together and sailed with ‘Aramis’ Party to Japan .  He was recovered fromJapan at the end of the war.  He firstly went to Omuta Camp and was then moved to Fukuoka No. 12 Miyata from where he was recovered at the end of the war.
The three boys Wilkins, Gough and Wilkes remained together throughout their ordeals with V Battalion and Omuta.


After the war Michael married in about 1947 to Ada Teresa Lockyer.  They resided at 3 Bourke Street, Kensington with Michael working as a plasterer.

It is believed Michael died 20 June 1971 aged 44 years.

Ada Wilkins died in 2006 aged 82 years.

Camp Locations:

  • Havelock Road Camp - Singapore
  • River Valley Road Camp - Singapore
  • Selarang Barracks Changi - Singapore
  • Miyata, Fukuoka #9-B - Japan
  • Omuta Miike, Fukuoka #17-B - Japan