Miyata, Fukuoka #9-B - Japan

Miyata, Fukuoka #9-B – Japan

Established Wakinhoma as Fukuoka No.20 Branch Camp at Onoura Coal Mine in Miyata-cho, Kurate-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture on December 4, 1943.
Renamed as Fukuoka No.12 Dispatched Camp on April 10, 1944.
Renamed as Fukuoka No.9 Branch Camp in August 1945.
The POWs were used by Kaijima-onoura Coal Mining Company.
792 POWs (495 Dutch, 243 British, 43 American and 11 Australians) were imprisoned at the end of the war.
47 POWs died while imprisonment.


The camp was situated in the hills about 10 miles to the northeast of Fukuoka City and consisted of twenty single-story wooden huts with tied roofs, former barracks of civilian mine workers. At some stage ‘Mick’ Wilkins was moved from Fukuoka Camp #17 to Fukuoka Camp #9 – Miyata where he remained until Japan’s surrender.
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Above:  view from guard tower (Sept 1945)

Above: Barracks (photograph taken Sept 1945

Soldiers that were in this camp

Location of Miyata, Fukuoka #9-B - Japan (exact)