Personal Stories


How Precious is Freedom by John Ramsbottom (later changed to Lane)

Sutherland, Neale & Rouse family connection – Ainsworth, Ajana.

Mates – WX8690 Hall, WX8709 Blaschek, WX8738 Struthers, WX8706

11th Battalion WW1 – Fried Snapper & History

Danny Bevis Diary

‘Greater Love Hath No Man – Darwin 1941’

WX11046 RICHES, Leslie Gordon (Pard) ANZAC VETERAN

KUHL and HARRIS – 1941 Adelaide

Wenn Collection Photos

Cousins Ron PAGE & Manson BUTCHER

Bill Struthers Notes

Butler family & Benedictine Mission, New Norcia

‘Bully’ HAYES & ‘Buck’ ROGERS

Ron BADOCK – Singapore Survivor 70 Years Later

Phil BEILBY – POW on ‘Pampanito’

WX9418 Doug ‘Trader’ Horn

Bendall WX17864 & Allan Trigwell – died Sandakan

Bill Beard WX7883 – Jim Goldie WX7627 – Charles ‘Bubbles’ Holme WX16416 – George Lake WX17582 died Sandakan 1945

WX8003 Alexander Meora ‘Alec’ HACK died Sandakan 4 February 1945

Neville Matson receives by post from Singapore 1946, his pre-war photographs

Ridgwell’s memories of Tarsau’s Ulcer Ward

2/4th Signature collection by Fred Whitaker WX16274

Mentiplay survives Bayonet through neck

Death of WW1 Soldier taken POW of Germany – Grandfather of WX17615 Ernest James THOMSETT KIA Singapore 10 February 1942 aged 19 years

How ‘Snow White’ earned his name!

Outram Road Gaol – McGregor WX12835 & Dean WX6067 & WX227 Stevens

Khonkan – William (Bill) Hood WX7471, Tom Davison WX7909, Allan Bamford WX8485 – Khonkan 55 Km Hospital Camp

Vale – W.T. (Bill) Castles WX8792

WX9229 Walter Edward ‘Bill’ Breed – Former POW of Japan, 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion, man with big personality returns farming Gnowangerup

‘My Grand-Pop was a Hero’ by Amanda Van Hall (granddaughter of Wally Winter WX10373

Helsin Family – WX10095 John Frederick Helsin

Diary of Overland trip Adelaide to Darwin by Sgt Arbery

Stowaway on-board ‘Aquitania’ – WX16931 OSWALD, Henry Christopher (aka  Hugh) ‘Horse’ or ‘Harry’ 

Kobe Japan – Gilmour, Hutchinson and Ramsbottom – POWs of Japan enjoy laugh when possible

WX9055 HARRY PICKETT – one of the lucky few! Rescued by ‘Pampanito’ South China Sea

Prisoners of War of Japan – returning home did not end their suffering and anguish

Soldiers of 2/4th who were ill and returned to Australia and those who were not taken POW

Hutchinson, Wally’s bath at Kobe, Japan

Baxter, ‘Slew’ WX8140 – by Wally Holding

Fuhrmann, Henry Charles, WX7852 Acting Corporal, DCM

Fitzgerald WX5425 Affidavit – ‘Scarface’ at Nacom Chassi, Thailand

POWs Put Ordeal On Record

Salute to Victory

A man who fought but had no vote

Escape from Singapore & the Sumatra Story

Jimmy Smith entertains -A glorious moonlit tropical night

Tom Lewis WX74412 – His was a most Unfair Life!

Smith Ryan’s lucky escape from a Japanese firing squad 1942

Ridgwell, Bill Reeves Fly from Singapore to West Australia 1945

Obituary for John Lane (formerly Ramsbottom) A Fairbridge Kid

COCKING – Released Prisoner of War – Survived sinking of Rakuyo Maru – rescued by USS Pampanito, returned November 1944 Western Australia

Clay & Wade return to Singapore

Frank Armstrong – First Sandakan Tragedy and Korean & Formosan Guards

Anketell Street, South Perth.

The Elliott family visit Singapore for the 75th Anniversary of Fall of Singapore 2017

Holding, Wally WX17634 His Story – Part 2

WX8493 Bert Norton’s recollections as per his diary

Holding, Wally WX17634 ~ His Story (Part 1)

Correspondence between Mrs Trigwell (mother of Vern Trigwell) with H.T. Bunker who survived Rakuyo Maru sinking

Fuhrmann, Harry WX7852 his personal story

Pte. Harry Tysoe WX9226

Cpl. William James Paterson WX9073

Schurmann, John Henry WX5007 – Random Recollections

Three Newling Brothers

Pte. Tom Wayman WX7502

Burchell Brothers – Fairbridge

Poetry by Slim Pitts

Digger’s remains found at last – 2001 story of Rolf Newling

Lesley William McCann WX17837 Escape From Death

Jack George Kyros (Kyriakos) WX10715

McGlinnn, Fank WX8478 his Diary written of final weeks as POW in Niihama, Japan

Jim Elliott obituary, March 2011

Heppingston, Ian – obituary 1999

Wally (Walter George) Worth WXC10012

Alf Worth and Jim Elliott – 2010

Lawyers On The Notorious Burma Thailand Railway

Carlyon, Bill – Changi Veteran recalls POW hell

Angela Gazey – Premier’s Student Tour Group 2012

Joe & Daniel Pearce

Dimopoulos Peter ANZAC of the year 2013

Borrow, Joseph WX8712 – Born 4/12/1916 & Died of wounds 15/2/1942, Singapore.

2002 Visit by Joe Pearce & John Morgan to Lim Chu Road (8 February 1942)

Dick Ridgwell’s POW’s story – never assume Japanese do not speak English!

Dick Ridgwell encounter with a Sikh, Singapore

Hodgson, Leonard Sydney ‘Tim’ – WX9231 – died Khonkan 55.5 km camp, Burma.


Morrissey, Albert Edward (Bert) WX15751 ‘A’ Company

Dorizzi brothers – Sandakan

Post War

Suspected Japanese War Criminals suffering mental health and physical exhaustion

SINGAPORE WAR TRIALS – Major Totaro Mizutani

Borneo Trials – Baba Masao, Susumi Hoshijima, etc.


Owen Campbell – 1991 – Last Sandakan Survivor

How Precious is Freedom by John Ramsbottom (later changed to Lane)

Peace & Its Aftermath – John Ramsbottom (later changed to Lane)

75th Anniversary VJ Day 2020 Service, Address given by C. Mellor

War Widows Guild – Lifeline for 2/4th Widows


2/4th Assoc Incorporated advertised April 1946

Fall of Singapore 2000 – conducted byJohn Lane

50th Anniversary – Borehole Bulletin

Country Re-union 1972 – Narrogin hosts Win & Wal Holding


‘Rakuyo’ Maru – 75th Anniversary torpedo attack & sinking 12 Sept 1944

Ted McLaughlin -Man behind Sandakan Memorial, Boyup Brook – 1991

Sandakan Memorial, Boyup Brook – 2/4th Sandakan Committee

Lady Mountbatten visits WA 1946

2/4th First Reunion Ball 1947

Kemp, Wheelock, W.J. Smith, Mellor & De Castilla return ‘Otranto’ 1945

Wankey & Gleeson – War Limbs sent AWM, Canberra

Mates – look after each other, risk their lives for each other…

Gilmour, John Barry WX8622 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion’s last surviving veteran

1946 Formation 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion Ex-members Association

2/4th Members still On Strength end December 2000

Victims of Japan win compo battle May 2001

Outram Road Gaol War Crimes Court 1946

2/4th Kalgoorlie Assoc. 1946

Vale – W.T. (Bill) Castles WX8792

Pre-War & After War Work Place Deaths and Accidents

Lemnos Hospital for Mentally Incapacitated Soldiers

Lady Mitchell Convalescent Home, Eric Street, Cottesloe

Singapore Club

We still remember

A drink at the Alhambra Bar (1946)

Sentences passed on Japanese Criminals

Where Did They Come From?

MURADUP WAR MEMORIAL – Includes Kojonup & surrounds

Katanning WW2 Memorial

Youngs Siding, Bornholm, Torbay, Kronkup

2/4th Machine Gun Battalion OBE – ‘Over Bloody Eighty’

Midland WW2 Memorial – Men of this area

Boys from Bruce Rock area.

Pingelly WW2 Memorial

Quairading WW2 War Memorial

Understanding Group Settlement Scheme




Wooroloo, Mundaring, Mt Helena, Sawyers Valley Enlistments 2/4th MGB

Capel WW2 Memorial

Bunbury War Memorial

Bill Beard WX7883 – Jim Goldie WX7627 – Charles ‘Bubbles’ Holme WX16416 – George Lake WX17582 died Sandakan 1945

WX8003 Alexander Meora ‘Alec’ HACK died Sandakan 4 February 1945

Boyup Brook WW2 Memorial

Busselton World War Two Memorial

Toodyay Honour Memorial WW2

Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital, WW2 Memorial Plaques

Armadale WW2 Memorial

Esperance Enlistments

Gascoyne, Shark Bay, Roebourne, Ashburton and Pilbara Enlistments

Carnarvon 2/4th Enlistments

Australia Remembers

Northampton WW2 Memorial Inscriptions

Abergavenney & District War Memorial, Wales

Wanneroo WW2 War Memorial – Barney Facey, Jim Gibbs and Lacey Gibbs

Gosnells War Memorial

Shire of Brookton War Memorial

Mt Barker War Memorial

Albany WW2 War Memorial

Carnamah War Memorial

Denmark WWII War Memorial

Shire of Wagin War Memorial & Prisoners of War of Japan

Byford War Memorial

Guildford War Memorial

Augusta Region

Augusta – Jewel Cave and Spackman

Narrogin War Memorial – WWII

Nungarin War Memorial

Boyanup War Memorial

Wyalkatchem WW2 War Memorial


Donnybrook War Memorial – 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion AIF WW2

Yarloop War Memorial

Collie & Worsley & COLLIE WW2 MEMORIAL – Timber & Mining Country

Wesley Colllege, South Perth – 2/4th Soldiers who were former students who lost their lives WW2


Old Scotch Collegians

Shackleton Community’s Tribute to Langdon & Venemore,

Cripps & Northampton enlistments – Rakuyo Maru

Five from Mundijong

The Boys from Mukinbudin

Indigenous Western Australians who joined 2/4th

Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra

Beacon Memorial

Donnybrook Boys – Vern Trigwell, Allan Trigwell, ‘Harry’ Cain & Bert Wall