Boyanup War Memorial


The above photograph was taken just before rain.






was selected in Singapore with the ill-fated ‘B’ Force to sail to Sandakan, Sabah.  He died on 27 May 1945 aged 31 years, however his Japanese records do not state how/why he died.  We do know there were orders to ensure no POWs survived.  All except 6 men who escaped managed to escape survive the appalling Sandakan incident.
Please read further about Sandakan, Borneo – Australia’s worst WW2 history – the death of more than 2,000 Australian POWs.






WX7617 SCADDEN, HARRY (Fairbridge Farm schoolboy)
Harry lived several years in Boyanup where he made his mark as a sportsman playing tennis, cricket and hockey.
As a POW was selected Singapore  to work on Burma-Thai Railway from the Burma end with ‘A’ Force, Green Force No. 3 Battalion. 
At the end of ‘Speedo’ Harry was evacuated to Tamarkan Hospital Camp in Thailand and died on 22 April 1944 of cerebral malaria aged 29 years.




Above:  men from Boyanup who enlisted.  Of the three men who were with 2/4th, Claude Knott was the only one to survive.


WX7616 KNOTT, CLAUDE (Fairbridge Farm schoolboy)
was selected in Singapore to work on the Burma end of the Railway with ‘A’ Force Green Force No. 3 Battalion (as was Harry Scadden).  On his return from Burma to Thailand at the completion of the railway, Claude was selected as being fit to sail to Japan to work.  He sailed with ‘Awa Maru’ and sent to the notorious No 17 Omuta Camp.  Claude survived to return to Western Australia.
Please read about Omuta Camp, Japan.