Commanding Officer, NX70416 Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Gallagher “Black Jack” GALLEGHAN, 2/30th Battalion

Appointed Commanding Officer of Australian POWs Singapore


Below:  Galleghan who was left in charge Australian POWs at Singapore. For today’s view of leadership 1942-1945 Please read further


‘Blackjack’ was fairly highly regarded by his 2/30th troops.  As POWs in Changi, Singapore ‘Blackjack’ intended to see to his troop’s welfare all he could.  His ‘bugger you Jack we’re all right’ attitude was not ideal as one can well imagine.




Colonel E B Holmes, commander of British and Australian POWs, Malaya (1) with Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Gallagher Galleghan, DSO, ED, Commanding Officer, 2/30th Australian Infantry Battalion and commanding Australian POWs in malaya