Augusta Region

Above: shows the approach path which has 78 bronze plaques for those who served in World War Two.


WX9031 BRENNAN,  Maurice John Corporal enlisted 25 October 1940, chiropodist Battalion Headquarters.  As a POW at Singapore he was selected to work on Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion.  V Battalion endured the highest death rate of all those working on the railway, 50%.  ‘Morrie’ or ‘Chum’ as he was known succumbed to beri beri at Kuii Camp, Thailand on 27 September 1943.  He was 30 years old and left his widow Agnes and his young son Tony.

Please read further about V Battalion.

WX9561 DAHLBERG, Albert Edward Corporal Fitter with 88 light Aid Detachment.  Enlisted 4 December 1940.  His was KIA 10 February 1942 at Reformatory Road, Ulu Pandan in the Battle for Singapore aged 30 years.  Albert’s mother Bertha and the Dahlberg family did not receive confirmation and news of Albert’s death until April 1946.  Please read further about this Augusta family.