John GILMOUR – Interviews with DVA about Japanese Guards, & other stories


WX8622 Lance Corporal John Barry GILMOUR was sent from Singapore to work in Japan, at Kobe with ‘J’ Force with ‘Males’ Maru PartyPlease read further about Kobe
When we got to Japan, we were hated by the civilians. The kids going to school used to throw stones and spit, and yell out “Hiyo, hiyo” and put their hands up. Rub it into us. But as the war went on, you could tell the war was changing to our side. They’d tell us where there was stuff to steal, and get some for them.”

Including all the nicknames for guards

“you got to know the Jap guards. They were all nicknamed. Horseface, Yagi, that’s the Japanese word for goat. Chinless wonder. Smiler. Gentleman Jim, Maxie, because he looked like Maxie Baer, the boxer. We had nicknames for them all.”


John Gilmour 2013 Anzac Day March


We wish to acknowledge DVA as the source for these valuable interviews with Johnny Gilmour – 2/4th last surviving former POW