2/4th Soldiers evacuated to Australia prior to commencement Singapore fighting 1942

Eight 2/4th Soldiers returned sick to Australia February 1942 prior to outbreak of fighting.


WX7333 Arthur John BURNS Corp, ‘B’ Coy. Evac Java to 2/12th AGH Ceylon 4 March 1943.  Disemb. Fremantle ex-Ceylon 6 May 1942.
  • 1) 25th Australia Div Cavalry 2) Guerilla Warfare Group 3) 43rd Water Transport Coy.


WX1655 Leo Patrick BRYNE C Coy.  Evac sick Java.   Emb Wuseh Java 9 Feb 42  to Colombo 4 March 1942.  Ship to Melbourne – train to Perth.


WX10622 Claude William GAULT – HQ  No 1 Platoon, Signals.  Trained Signaller. Last seen Ulu Pandan.  Reported missing from 18 Feb 42.  Evac. No. 1 Malaya General Hospital to Colombo – Returned to Australia – disembaking Melbourne ‘Stirling Castle’ 6 April 42.  Returned WA – hospitalised and convalesced. Posted 423rd Gun Station.  Return of headaches forced transfer to 4th Australia Signal Training Unit – transferred 51st Waster Transport Coy.


WX8611 Laurence James McGRATH Acting Sgt ‘B’ Coy 9 Platoon. Remained on board ‘Aquitania’ Java returned sick to 110 (P)MH – Hollywood Hospital 25 Jan 42. Discharged 31 Jan 42.  Served Wewa, Lae and Aitap.  Served 43rd Water Transport Coy.



WX8200 William Richard MORRIS Storeman ‘C’ Coy 10 Platoon.  Evac Sick Java.  Embarked Stirling Castle, Ceylon 13 March 42 to Melbourne arrived 28 March 42. Transf 5th Military District.  ‘Egra’ to Fremantle 13 April 42.
Classified medically fit 27 Apr 42.  ToS 20 May 42 with 2/3rd MGB.  Admitted hospital 25 Nov 42 following explosives accident transf 113th Australian General Hospital.  Transf 115th AGH 18 Dec 42.  Right Hand amputated above wrist on 9 Feb 1944.

WX8228 William Darcy O’NEILL Technical Storeman ‘B’ Coy HQ.  Evac from Java Wu Sui 20 Feb 42.  Admitted 12th AGH Colombo, Ceylon.  Sailed 12 Oct 42 Stirling Castle to Melbourne.

WX8176 Frances Kenneth PRITCHARD HQ Coy Driver.  Returne to WA Aquitania.  Had earlier fallen 10 feet on ship injured knee.  Returned Hollywood.  Operation on knee left with plaster for three months.  Convalesced four months.  ToS 35th Infantry Battalion 25 Sep 42.
Then reformed 2/2 Pioneers brought into replace 2/16th.


WX7750 Stanley Henry George ROBERTS ‘A’ Coy 6 Platoon – Java with ‘Blackforce’.  Returned sick to Australia 28 March 42.