COMMANDING OFFICER:  WX3444 Maj.  A J (Alf) Cough

Cough was also Australian Senior Officer sent to Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’Force V Battalion in 1943.
16 Men Transferred  transferred from HQ  to Establish No. 16 Platoon 7th Feb 1942.
Thus leaving ‘D’ Coy Headquarters with five Officers, five Privates and one reinforcement.  Of these machine gunners, Five would lose their lives with illness before the end of war.



CSM :  WX225 Sgt Edward T FELTHAM


CQMS:  WX9555 S/Sgt Les CODY (Transf to 16 Btn)


WX7789 Cpl Oliver Moir STANWELL  ‘E’ Force Borneo d. 12 Mar 1945 Sandakan of Malaria aged 39 years.


WX7324 L/CPL Reginald Harry STEWART
WIA at Buona Vista on 15 Feb with shrapnel wound right leg. Discharged to his unit 27 April 42.  Left Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No. 3 Battalion.  Recovered from Thailand at end of war.


WX7444 ATTENBOROUGH A R – Transf to 15 then 16 platoon
WX9294 BAILLE W F – Transf 13 Platoon
WX72353 BOW WV – Transf 15 Platoon
WX9278 BUNCE E W H – Transf 13 Platoon
WX9060 CATO A T J -Transf 13 then 16 Platoon
WX7714 CLARK F D J Transf 15 Platoon
WX9004 CRYER A – Transf 15 Platoon
WX7997 DORIZZI H – Transf 16 Platoon
WX799 FERGUSON R P Transf 15 Platoon
WX8000 GEARY, Michael Herbert – d. 9 Aug 43 acute enteritis Linson POW Camp, Thailand with V Battalion aged 31 years.
WX8788 GILES, Frank Leslie – V Battalion to Burma-Thai Railway.  Recovered from Thailand at war’s end.
WX7987 HANCOCK  – Transf 14 Platoon
WX7646 HUTCHISON R B – Transf 14 Platoon 
WX16340 KENMIR Robert Henry – ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No. 3 Battalion.  Recovered from Thailand at end of war.
WX7640 L/Cpl LEE-STEERE, Forrest – sent to Burma-Thai Railway with V Battalion.  Died of cholera at Kuii POW Camp 3 Oct 43 aged 36 years.

WX224 MacDONALD J – Transf 15 Platoon. KIA 9 Feb.

WX6203 McSKENE J – Transf 15 Platoon

WX8652 ROGIE A M – Transf 13 Platoon

WX9272 L/Cpl SAUNDERS A G Transf 13 Platoon

WX7211 SAUNDERS, Clarence Samuel  –    Sent to work Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force S Battalion.  Developed advanced ulcer.  Died post leg amputation haemorrhage at Chungkai POW Hospital Camp. 32 Aug 43 aged 43 years.



WX11316 Laurence Harold LEWIS enlisted 5 Apr1941was AWOL when ‘Aquitania’ sailed from Fremantle for Singapore 16 Jan 1942.  A few weeks later Lewis sailed to Java with about 90 2/4th Machine Gunners who had also been left behind mostly because MP’s imprisoned them and they were unable to be freed in time. He was captured Java March 1942.  RTA
WX16254 Claude William Webber enlisted 27 Aug 1941.  Admitted to 2/13th AGH with conjunctivitis 7 Feb,  diagnosed with corneal ulcer to left eye. Discharged 28/2/42.  Webber later requested transfer to 2/9th field Ambulance to be with his brother.  Hence he did not fight nor remain with 2/4th.

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