Reinforcements General – Not Allocated at that stage 24 Sep 1941.
Military Drill Display Northam Show 24/09/1941
Reinforcements General not allocated at that stage.
Back row L-R L/cpl McGhie, Pte Smith, Trigwell, Smith, Lewis, Godden, Cake, Lucas, Foster, L/cpl Hatch
Centre Sgt Graham, Pte Salter, Atkinson, L/cpl Boyle, Pte Knight, Shepherd, Doherty, Sloan, Pierce, Dawson, Perkins, Anderson, Watts, Cpl Scott.
Front Pte Brown, L/cpl Negri, Pte Pascall, Mc Glinn, Holt, Lieut Gibson, (A Coy Comm), Lieut Branson (Display Comm), Pte Hardey, O’Brien, Carwardine, Barrett, Laurence, L’Cpl Beck (Drummer)


Not all those photographed reinforced 2/4th MGB.



Soldiers to reinforce 2/4th Platoons (not ‘E’ Coy SRB)

WX17864 Bertram Alfred ‘Bert’ BENDALL (A Coy) Was WIA 15 Feb 1942 Buona Vista shrapnel wound to his back. d. Sandakan 12 Feb 1945.
WX17754 James BROWN (Btn HQ) executed Japanese Firing Squad 19 Feb 1942 aged 20 years.  Taken 16 Feb Raffles College Square with Lt. Rapahel, Capt. Thompson
WX17860 Henry David CAIN (A Coy HQ) KIA 12 Feb Hill 200, Ulu Pandan aged 21 years.
WX11584 William Cecil CASE (C Coy) KIA 12 Feb 42 Hill 200 Ulu Pandan aged 27 years
WX17706 Alfred Thomas CUNNINGHAM (C Coy) DOW 10 Feb 1942 Jurong Road 22 years – evacuated to Indian RAP and never seen again.
WX20076 William DWYER (HQ Coy) V Btn, ‘Aramis’ d.5 May 1945 acute colitis Fukuoka sub-Camp No. 1 aged 38 years.
WX13079 Ronald Edward ELLIS (D Coy 16 Platoon) WIA 10 Feb.  DOW 11 Feb 1942 aged 21 years.
WX17745 Charles Henry ‘Charlie’ FLETCHER (Btn HQ) V Btn d. Non Pladuk 21 Feb 1944 aged 43 years.
WX12663 Arthur Ernest FLOYED (C Coy) d Sandakan 45 aged 26 years.
WX17636 Harold William HOLLAND (B Coy) d Sandakan 45 aged 30 years.
WX15402 Lawrence JAENSCH (2 Platoon) V Btn D. Kuii 6 Oct 1943 Aged 36.
WX11580 Donald Spencer McGLINN (C COY) D Force S Btn d. Tarsau 15 Jul 1943 aged 28 years.
WX12985 Peter James NEGRI L/CPL (C Coy) d. Sandakan aged 25 years.
WX17363 Claude Ocea NASH (13 PLATOON) died Ranau 1945 aged 26 years.
WX17458 Oswald Kitchen ‘Ozzie’ NEWLING (3 Platoon) Admitted Alexandra Hospital with Appendicitis.  Posted on sicklist 27 Jan 1942. d. V Battalion Burma-Thai Railway Kuii of Malaria aged 28 years 22 Oct 1943.
WX14327 Lawrance Roy NYBO (No. 2 Platoon) V Btn d. 4 Sept 1943 Hindaine Beri beri aged 22 years.
WX12628 Stirling John OLIVER Acting Corp (promoted 27 12 42) (C Coy) WIA 11 Feb Ulu Pandan DOW 13 Feb 1941, 41 Years
WX15941 James William ROBINSON (BTN HQ). d.S Btn Chungkai 28 Aug 1942 aged 27 yrs
acute enteritis.
WX17882 Allan George TRIGWELL (C Coy) d. Sandakan
WX17863 Vernon Chapman TRIGWELL (C Coy) perished Rakuyo Maru 1944.


20 Total Deaths.

6 X Sandakan North Borneo

6 died Railway (inc. 4 Died V Battalion)

1 X Executed

1 X Died Japan

1 X Rakuyo Maru

5 X KIA Week’s fighting Singapore (incl. 3 X KIA Ulu Pandan)

 AND Escaped

WX15756 Alfred John BURGESS (Btn HQ) reported missing Ulu Pandan 12 Feb 1942.  Escaped to Sumatra.  Imprisoned Gloe Gloer POW Camp with Magill, Squance, Harold Smith etc.Rescued when SS Van Waerwjick sank taken Singapore.  Remained behind with Harold Smith when others returned to work Sumatra Railway.



Reinforcements from Fremantle who survived:


WX14634 William George Harvey ANDERSON (B Coy) Green Force, Awa Maru Party, recovered Omuta.
WX11573 Gordon Guy BREEEZE L/Corporal (10 Platoon)S Btn.  Recovered Thailand.
WX12335 Ronald Edmund BROWN (B Coy) Cpt Harris, Both Party recovered Saigon.
WX15856 Alfred John BURGESS (BTN HQ) Reported missing Ulu Pandan 12 Feb 1942.  Escaped to Sumatra.  Was recovered from Changi with Harold Smith – both survived ship sinking taken to Singapore, left behind at Changi when remainder returned to Sumatra.
WX12488 John William CLAY  (C Coy) Remained and recovered from Singapore.
WX20018 John Livingston CORREY (No. 2 Platoon), Green Force recovered from Thailand’.
WX17595 Norman Lenard (Bob) DUNNELL (13 Platoon) V Btn, Aramis Party, Omuta Japan recovered from Japan. Fairbridge boy.
WX12427 Robert Arthur FOSTER (B Coy) Green Force.  Recovered Thailand.
WX16736 Stephen John GLEESON (Btn Not Known) ‘H’ Force.  Rt Leg amputated.  Returned and recovered from Singapore.
WX12157 Edward Charles HARDEY (16 Platoon) Green Force, Awa Maru, Omuta. Recovered from Japan.
WX18170 Stanley Raymond HICKEY (A Coy) Capt Harris Both Party, Recovered Saigon.
WX17997 Hubert  Mervyn HOLLAND (8 Platoon) Batman/Runner.  Japan ‘B’ Party Korea.
Recovered from Korea.
WX17636 Harold  William  HOLLAND (8 Platoon) d Sandakan-Ranu Track 1945.
WX20025 Lionel Rosbury HOUNSLOW (No. 2 Platoon) Green Force.  Recovered Thailand.
WX16981 William Robert HOWSON (No. 3 Platoon) F Force Thailand.  Recovered Singapore.
WX13752 Harry LUCAS A/Corp (A Coy) WIA 12 Feb Hill 200, Ulu Pandan, GSWs to Left Thigh.  Returned Unit 23 March 1942.  Green Force, Awa Maru, Omuta, recovered Japan. Fairbridge Boy.
WX17566 John Kenneth Alexander MacDONALD (HQ Coy) Green Force, recovered Thailand.
WX12599 Arthur Reginald MURDOCH (A Coy) S Btn & V Btn, Rashin Maru, Yamane, Recovered Niihama Japan.
WX14031 Cecil Thomas NELSON (Headquarters Coy No.3 Platoon) F Force.  Recovered Singapore.
WX12156 Petros Vassilious OMIRIDIS (A Coy) Batmsan/Runner. J Force Japan.  Recovered Wakinohama.
WX12336 Reginald PASCALL (No 6 Platoon) S Btn, Rashin Maru, Yamane and recovered Niihama, Japan.
WX13027 Charles Rossiter PIGGOTT (C Coy) Green Force.  Recovered Thailand.
WX17393 Tom PILMOOR  (Btn HQ then D Coy) Temp Batman/Runner Green Force, recovered Thailand.  Missed his draft to Japan due to illness. Fairbridge Boy.
WX20157 Robert Sidney PIMLOTT (Btn HQ – Regimental Police Corp.)  Green Force, Recovered Thailand.
WX17857 Vernon Spence REID (No. 5 Platoon) WIA 15 Feb 42 Buona Vista with shrapnel wounds to left hip, leg.  Returned to unit 22 Feb 1942.  Green Force, recovered Thailand.
WX14197 Richard William RIDGWELL (B Coy HQ) S Btn, Recovered Thailand.
WX18152 Arthur Roy SHIER (A Coy) F Force recovered from Singapore.
WX12252 Jack Edward SMITH (14 Platoon) Green force, Recovered Thailand
WX146446 Clifford Vaughan SMITH (Btn HQ) F Force, d Kami Sonkurai 22 Oct cardiac beri beri aged 28 years.
WX8646 Arthur Percival SPOUSE (6 Platoon) KIA 12 Feb 42 possibly Hill 200 aged 21 years.
WX14733 John TAYLOR (C Coy) Remained Singapore and recovered from there.
WXW17879 Gabriel John WADE (B Coy) Remained Singapore.  Recovered from there.
WX12989 Herbert (Bert) John WALL (No. 12 Platoon) Green Force, Rakuyo Maru – miraculously picked up by Japanese Naval ship, taken onto Japan.  Recovered from Japan.
WX17804 Albert Sidney Austin WEBB (A Coy) S Btn.  Recovered Thailand.
WX17370 John WILSON (D Coy) F Force.  Recovered Singapore.
WX18142 Cyril Tom WRIGHT (Btn HQ) Remained Singapore.  Recovered from there.
WX13161 Henry Edward WRIGHT (8 Platoon). V Btn.  d. Kuii 5 Oct 1943 avitaminosis aged 22 years.
WX12593 Ronald William WYLIE (No. 12 Platoon) V Btn.  Recovered Thailand.

38 Total.