WX8003 Alexander Meora ‘Alec’ HACK died Sandakan 4 February 1945

WX8003 Alexander Meora HACK b. 1906 Bridgetown.

Hack died on the First March 4 Feb 1945 aged 38 yrs about 6 miles from Sandakan, one mile from Mandorin, a tributary of Labuk River.  Track Recovery Parties located nearby the bodies of at least 3 other POWs from Western Australia – they were included with 35 Australians who were massacred 9 June 1945, on the Second March, several months after Alex died. They were West Australians:
Trevor Ainsworth, 1 Coy AASC, b. Katanning, formerly Mt Hawthorn 24yrs.
WX7133 Arthur George Grigson, 2/6th Field Park. b. York formerly Beverley, 28 yrs.
WX10523 Alexander McConnell, 8 Reserve Motor Transport Coy, b. Scotland, formerly Mt. Lawley, 42 yrs.
Alex or Alec Hack was eldest son of Meora and Charlotte Hack of Keninup, Boyup Brook who married 1902 Perth. Being the eldest Alex would have left the family farm at a young age to seek work. In 1931 Hack was working as a blacksmith at Princess Royal Mine, Southern Cross.  In 1943 he was recorded as farmer Keninup, Bridgetown – this being his last known address and his family’s home.   His enlistment details record his occupation as shearer.
Alex’s siblings were Bill, Douglas, sister Helen who enlisted with nursing, Bernard and youngest brother Ron who enlisted with AIF and survived the war.  His father William died 1941 and mother 1958.
Alex enlisted Oct 1940 aged 34. He lived through the depression of 1930’s when work was scarce and times tough.
After the war, Major Saggers of ‘E’ Coy wrote to Hack’s mother saying her son had fought beside him at Bukit Timah when they ran into a Japanese ambush and 80 men were KIA (from total 120) Saggers wrote ‘It was an honour to have soldiered with Alec and l will be forever in debt for his service and loyalty.’

The Hack family placed a headstone at Boyup Brook Cemetery

“Alexander Meora Hack

POW Sandakan, Borneo,

Died February 1945 Aged 38 Years.

Resting Place Unknown

Son of Charlotte and William”