Burchell Brothers – Fairbridge


Reg and WX10422 Ronald (Ron) Burchell arrived at Fairbridge from England in November 1932 aged 10 and 12 years. The brothers were placed in Lawley Cottage with other children.
Reginald ‘Reg’ Thomas enlisted first, on 14th May 1941, joining the 2/28th Australian Infantry Battalion. Ronald ‘Ron Burchell enlisted a month later on 11/6/1941 joining the 2/4th MG Battalion.
Corporal Burchell acted as Section Commander, Reserve Battalion.  He was Taken on Strength 27 December 1941 ‘E’ Company Special Reserve, No. 1 Platoon.
Eight months later Corporal Ron Burchell was KIA South West Bukit Timah on 11 February 1942. He was just 21 years old.
Ron’s younger brother Private Reg Burchell WX12943 survived the war with 2/28th Battation having fought in North Africa at the siege of Tobruk and the Battle of El Alamein.
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