Sentences passed on Japanese Criminals

Sentences passed on Japanese War Criminals

The following represents a selection of some of the more widely known Japanese War Criminals involved in the Burma-Siam Railway construction who have been tried by the War Crimes Tribunal Committee. The author of the article, other than being a POW, is unknown.

Almost all of you who have worked on the construction of the Burma-Siam Railway are familiar with these infamous characters and their sadistic tendencies. Many more have been tried and subsequently sentenced, but space is insufficient to permit a full publication of all criminals, so if your special ‘hate’ is not listed below don’t be disappointed – he probably swung in the breeze just as nicely as the others!!


Burma-Siam Railway Cases Maj. Gen Isheda 10 yrs IMP
           “ Col. Nakamura Death by Hanging
           “ Col. Ishii            “
           “ L/Col Yanagita 20 yrs IMP
           “ Maj. Chida 10 yrs IMP
POW Camps Siam Lt. Nobusawa ‘Horse Doctor’ Death by Hanging
           “ S/M. Eda            “
           “ Capt. Daimon ‘Jack Diamond’ 10 yrs IMP
           “ Sgt. Noro ‘Baldy’ 15 yrs IMP
Kilo Camps Lt. Kokubo Death by Hanging
           “ Kor. Takavama            “
           “ Sgt. Terrakoshi            “
Nonpladuk, B’Kok Kor. Takamine ‘Efficiency’ 9 yrs IMP
Kanburi Off. Camp Sgt Shimdjo 4 yrs IMP
POW Camps, Siam Lt. Wsuki ‘Kanu Kid’ Death by Hanging
           “ S/M Hiramatsu ‘The Tiger’            “
           “ Kor. Motoyama ‘Black Prince’            “
           “     “     Matsumoto ‘Silver Bullet’ Life IMP
           “     “     Tokuyama ‘Donald Duck’ Death by Hanging
           “     “     Iwaya ‘Mad Mongrel’            “
           “     “     Tomotoma 10 yrs IMP
           “     “     Morimoto ‘Mad Bugler’ Life IMP
           “     “     Minaka ‘Singing Master’            “
           “     “     Kumdieji ‘Bombay Duck’ 15 yrs IMP
Krian POW Camp     “     Fumimoto Death by Hanging
Chungkai     “     Takemoto 2 yrs IMP
Kanu, Hintock Sgt. Okada ‘Doctor Death’ 10yrs IMP
Kanburi ‘Radio Case’ Maj. Chida 9 yrs IMP
           “ Capt. Komai Death by Hanging
           “ S/M Iijima            “
           “ S/M Urikawa Life IMP
           “ Sgt. Watanaba            “
Tamakan, Kanburi Lt. Takasaki ‘The Frog’ Death by Hanging
Nakon Nyok, Nonpladuk Kor. Kaneshiro ‘The Undertaker’            “
POW Camps, Siam Maj. Mizutani Com. No.5            “
           “ Maj. Noguchi            “
           “ Capt. Tarumoto Life IMP
Chungkia, Siam Lt. Osato 3 yrs IMP
           “ Kor. Ozawa 4 yrs IMP
131 Kilo Camp Siam     “     Hayashi Death by Hanging
Songkrai, Siam     “     Hosumi            “
           “     “     Okawa            “
           “     “     Otsuki 18 yrs IMP
Tonchan, Siam Capt. Suzuki Death by Hanging
           “ Sgt. Yamamoto            “
           “ Kor. Chiba            “
POW Camps, Siam Col. Sugasawa 12 yrs IMP
Chungkai Kor. Takamoto ‘The Admiral’ 2 yrs IMP
           “ Sgt. Sakano ‘White Slug’ 5 yrs IMP