2/4th MGB’s ‘B’ Company, 8 Platoon
20 of the 50 men would not return home to Australia

Many of these men were from Goldfields.

Commanding Officer: WX3707 Lt. G.C. MacKinnon

Platoon Sergeant:  WX8809 Sgt R H Sandilands  – KIA Mandai Road 11 Feb 1942
Tragically Sgt Richard (Dick) Sandiland’s death was one of several from Platoon 8 who on 11 Feb 1942 lost his life while retreating from West Mandai Road.  Raymond Carruthers, Don Day and Ronald Smith also lost their lives.
WX9336 Cpl J Gorringe
WX4991 L/Sgt E E Hambley
WX7777 Cpl A M Draper
WX10095 Cpl J F Helsin – perished from ‘Rakuyo’ Maru 12 Sept 1944 South China Sea
WX10802 Cpl N J Outrim – died illness 22 Nov 1944 Kinsaiyok Camp, Burma-Thai Railway, Thailand


WX8279 R C Badock (Capt Harris Party)

WX8766 L/Cpl H V Booth – died illness Sumatran Railway 15 Apr 1945

WX7333 A J Burns

WX7316 C J Burns

WX15690 J M Carr – died illness 23 Jul 1943 Tarsau Hospital Camp, Burma-Thai Railway, Thailand.

WX2325 R F Carruthers – KIA near Mandai Road 11 Feb 1942.

WX8792 W T (Bill) Castles Cpl, Scout

WX16369 A J Cocking – rescued from South China Seas following sinking of ‘Rakuyo’ Maru sinking Sept 1944.
WX7268 F V Cross – rescued from South China Seas following sinking of transport ship ‘Rakuyo’ Maru Sept 1944.

WX8735 J G Curtin

WX8778 L J Daily

WX7240 Donald A (known as Do-Dah) Day – KIA 11 Feb 1942 West Mandai Road.

WX7236  C H Dunn – died Sandakan, Borneo 21 May 1945.

WX7266 G H Edwards – died Sandakan, Borneo  23 Mar 1945

WX10803 T R Fotheringham – died Sandakan-Ranau Track, Borneo 7 June 1945.

WX10378 C W (Bill) Gray

WX9139 L F Hadden (Capt Harris Party)

WX10370 D C J Hall – died 21 May 1944 having returned Burma-Thai Railway.
WX8747 W H Hall – died illness 17 Jul 1943 Kanu II – Malayan Hamlet, Thailand.

WX8756 L/Cpl J Hill – died illness 11 Mar 1943 Changi, Singapore.

WX8813 L/Cpl T M Jackson

WX8370 T K Jenkins

WX7230 L H Lee

WX8689 L/Cpl H C S MacMaster – died Tarsau Camp, Thailand.

WX6173 O Morris

WX7181 C Mutton – perished when ‘Rakuyo’ Maru sank 12 Sep 1944 South China Sea.

WX5220 H F Neilson

WX7331 C W Robertson

WX10164 D N Russell – died illness 21 Jan 1944  Augganaung 105 Camp, Burma-Thai Railway, Burma.

WX8734 C Ryan

WX6682 J B ‘Jocka’ Skelton

WX8736 R L Smith – KIA Mandai Road Hill 11 Feb1942

WX8731 T E Smith – died illness 18 Dec 1944 Sandakan.

WX8776 L P Walsh

WX8753 J L Wheelock

Reinforcements: (Joined 2/4th on board ‘Aquitania’ Gage Roads, Fremantle, 15 February 1942)

WX14634 W G H Anderson

WX17997 H M Holland

WX17636 H W Holland – died 15 June 1945 SandakanRanau Track, Borneo.

WX14197 R W Ridgwell

WX16427 D C Robertson

WX17879 G J Wade

WX13161 L/Cpl H E Wright – died illness  5 Oct 1943 Kuii Camp Burma-Thai Railway, Thailand.
Please see photo of 8 Platoon (tapping on the actual photo awill enlarge the picture)



Above:  8 Platoon members From rear left R E Carruthers, D N Russell, G H Edwards, J A Taylor (A Coy HQ)  and L H Lee.


The following has been researched and written by Ron Pimm on behalf of Jocka Skelton family.  Pimm has used ‘Colour Patch’ by Murray Ewen for much of his reference.