Lemnos Hospital for Mentally Incapacitated Soldiers


Lemnos Hospital, Shenton Park was opened in 1926.  First patients for this hospital were the large number of mentally incapacitated soldiers who returned home from WWI.

The parents and families  of large numbers of mentally damaged sons who returned home after the end of WW1 were horrified to find there were few suitable places where they could be accommodated let alone treated. The war had been over for  seven years or more for some men.  It was a long wait until Lemnos was able to offer these men accommodation with specialised nursing, the latest treatment and the tranquility of beautifully kept gardens where the afternoon sea breeze would cool the wards.

It was named after Lemnos Island, Greece in the Aegean Sea which served as a base for Allied Forces particularly during the  Gallipoli campaign.   Soldiers could recuperate away from the horrors of war.

Lemnos Hospital was again used for WWII returning soldiers who were mentally ill.


L-R: Graham Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Cheryl Mellor, Sylvia Norton, John Gilmour and their friend Owen Ashby.

We visited Lemnos on 24 July 2018.  John Gilmlour recalled his visit for a short illness prior to leaving for training in Woodside.

John also visited 2/4th patients, in particular WX4986 Taylor John Alexander (Jack)  who developed alzheimers and required full-time care.

Cheryl Johnson recalls her father WX8729 Badock Ronald Collett (Ron) regularly visiting the hospital.



The Administrative building reveals the beautiful West Australian jarrah wood used throughout.  Of the original buildings Crete House, Borneo House, Alamein House remain as well as much of the landscaping and other features.   Buildings such as Flanders House & Gallipoli House have been removed.


The last remaining Pinus Brutia known as Turkish red pine or Aleppo pine.    The seeds were brought back from Lemnos and is same tree as those of Lone Pine.  It is believed the whole driveway to Lemnos once grew this pines however due to disease were removed.


Original fittings remain in this bathroom.


Lemnos, Shenton College Canteen


Lemnos Hospital is now part of Shenton College and the above building is the administrative offices – most original buildings have long gone, replaced by the vibrancy and energy of school students.  Former patients would approve of these fine students of today using their former premises for the purpose of learning and would hope these fine young men and women of Western Australia will never endure the horrors of past wars as they did.

We wish to thank staff member Jodie Mellor for organising our most interesting visit.