Country Re-union 1972 – Narrogin hosts Win & Wal Holding

HAPPENINGS – Borehole Bulletin January 1973

Country Re-union held 1972 Narrogin, hosted by Win & Wally Holding

In 1972 Win and Wally hosted the Country Re-union at Narrogin.  Most attending 2/4th Members arrived Narrogin by 5 pm at Bowling Club for a get together then onto RSL Hall for an ‘excellent’ buffet tea.  (According to Borehole January 1973) which went onto say ‘that afterwards the evening got going with plenty of dancing and liquid refreshments ending up with a BBQ.’

Sunday morning saw everyone back at Bowling Club where the then President Mr Hall welcomed everybody and hoped they would be back again.

Amongst those present:

Eileen & Percy Tompkins

Norma & John McPherson

Joyce & ‘Squeaker’ Murdock

Glad & Eric Fraser

Lil & Tom Gibson

Pauline & Peter Dimopoulos

Audrey & Greg Burdon

Ruth & Gus Magor

Pat & Harold Mundy

Grace & Laurie Tapper

Imelda & George Battye

Ivy & Lofty Watt

Marge & Jack Crispin

Thelma & Ern Shackleton

Edna & Lofty Armstrong

Marge & Ted Felthan

Betty & Harry Lucas

Johnny Morgan

Harry Blakiston

Alice & Les Lee

Win & Wal Holding

Bill Cake

Bill Barron

Fred Bellchambers

Barbara & Mr Gibson

Kathie & Gordon Magor

Syd Gorringe.

‘It was very nice to have some Albany members at Narrogin. Their presence was much appreciated. Bill Cake hasn’t aged in years, although he told us his daughter was now married, and he’s sure he has got a few grey hairs!’
‘Betty and Harry Lucas who live at Kronkup, via Albany also looked very well. Their daughter Dorothy, celebrated her 21st birthday in October at the farm with a dance and BBQ, where their many friends gathered to give congratulations. Dorothy left by jumbo jet *** for London, where she and a girlfriend intend to spend a 2 year working holiday.’
Johnnie Morgan the other visitor from Albany, was full of fun and told some very funny stories, generally amusing everyone near him.
We hope to see you all next year, Albanyites.’
‘Anyone who saw that one-legged trouble maker Syd Gorringe shoveling loam at 4.30am at Narrogin, was quite sober. He just likes to have a nice garden! He then took off for Perth to take his family to Wundowie for the day.’
‘Win and Wal Holding are just about Darby and Joan. Glenda and Ian are now living in the city and Raelene will be moving any day to start teacher’s training at Perth Technical College. Old train driver’s never die, they just puff, puff away.   Son Wally is home on a month’s leave from the Navy, so will probably stir them up for awhile.’
Bub & Les Lee have now given up their farm at Cuballing and have moved into a home in Narrogin.

Where was Curly Collins the Re-union week-end? Prawning!!!

*** Remember Australia received its first Jumbo Jet i.e. 747 in 1971!  The beginning of a whole new world of flying and travel.

Former 2/4th veterans with their wives who attended re-unions – country or city, always excelled at enjoying themselves. It was if they never forgot their POW days – when you can, make the most of the moment!

‘Bad’ times were never spoken of.

Meeting their mates became a time of joy – lots of pranks, games, laughter, dancing, eating.   Although not necessarily at the above event, they participated in outdoor games with winners taking home trophies until the following year.

The men shared the news of their children – achievements, weddings, births, etc.- with or without the children knowing!  Sad or happy.

Without doubt, there would regularly be the very sad news of one of the ‘boys’ being hospitalised/seriously ill and/or his death – this shared news, either by telephone or personally,  was quietly and respectfully heard. Their facial expressions and bodies never truly revealing what they really felt.

These men had spent decades learning of the deaths of mates.

It would never end until they were all gone.