2/4th ASSOCIATION – the beginning


Page 32                         Borehole Bulletin                                October 1990



The Association actually came into being in Changi, where a meeting of approx. 100 members a Constitution was prepared and adopted.  This was submitted to the first meeting of members in the Drill Hall in Bazaar Terrace on the 7th March 1946 and with a few minor amendments, was adopted by the meeting.  The first committee comprised:  President – C. Green, Vice President – A.J. Cough, Secretary – E. Feltham, Treasurer – R.M. Lander.
COMMITTEE:  Dr C. Anderson, J. Gorringe, T. Tompkins, A. Winter, D. Pearson and with the resignation of Dr. Anderson and T. Tompkins in August:  D.F. Anderson and L. Cody were appointed to the Committee.  D. Pearson was appointed acting Secretary in October following the resignation of E. Feltham.
In April the first Nominal Roll was compiled by Ray Langer and showed 567 returned to Australia, 395 deceased – a total of 962.  The first flag was also commissioned in April.  The first newsletter Borehole Bulletin No. 1 was issued in July.  The first ‘Smoke Social’ (funny names we had in those days) was held at the A.N.A. Hall on the 14th June 1946 – to be followed by another in October of that year.  Our first Picnic was not held until 1949 – on 30th October at the Kelmscott Showgrounds.  In April 1950 we ran our first Sweep  on the Sydney Cup and in the same year (July) the first Anketell  Memorial Trophy was presented to the Perth Dinghy Club.  That wonderful worker for the Association , Mrs Roberta Stanley Lowe,*** was made a Life Member on the 15th January 1953 and in the same year was appointed a Hospital Visiting Committee to assist her with her work.  Collie was the first venue for our first Country Reunion on 26th November 1954 – it was a great success.  Our first Cricket Match (against the Navy Stores at Gosnells) was played in February 1956 (we won by five pints) and in July of that year we launched out on our first BIG Social Event – The Bamboo Ball.  It was an outstanding success 675 people attending and it set the standard for the Perth Social scene for many years.
The Association has continued to play a strong supporting role in the affairs of the members of the Battalion.  It has been blessed with a strong and responsible committee structure and many instances of continuing personal commitment during its 44 years of operation.  It has done a fine job of work typical of the spirit created during our ‘khaki’ and ‘lap lap’ days and no doubt will continue to do so while there are members to serve.
The Association Officers were ably supported by the up to 100 or more members who had served on the Committee over the years, some of whom have clocked up many terms as committee men.  The one outstanding record of service however, is that of Jimmy Duncan who has served on the Committee for an unbroken 37 years.
The ‘Borehole Bulletin’ our main source of communication with the members, has been Edited by four members – Alf Cough (who first set it up) in 1944,  Les Cody from 1947 to 1957, George Williams 1963 to 1971 and current Editor Ted Wallin who took over in 1972 (well past 1990).


*** Roberta Stanley-Lowe is sister to WX9511 Frank Vincent CARROLL who was driver with ‘C’ Company 10 Platoon. Carroll was AWL at Fremantle and missed boarding ‘Aquitania’ and sailed to Java where he was taken POW about 8 Mar 1942.  He remained in Java throughout the war.  It would have been a terribly lonely time as nearly all 2/4th and all Australian POWs had been shipped out with work parties – he would have been left behind due to illness.  Left to spent his years with the captured Dutch East Indies POW.

Frank took up farming at Gnowangerup after the war.  According to his nephew, Frank suffered in Java.  He had several fingers without nails and like many others, liked to drink.