Correspondence between Mrs Trigwell (mother of Vern Trigwell) with H.T. Bunker who survived Rakuyo Maru sinking

The following 3 letters, written by H.T. Bunker WX9223  to Mrs Trigwell, mother of Vern Trigwell WX17863 who was lost at sea 14/9/1944 on Rakuyo Maru.  Bunker survived the sinking of Rakuyo Maru and was miraculously picked up by USS Queenfish.
(Copies of this correspondence have been provided by Vern Trigwell’s brother, Ossie Trigwell and Sally Kenton, January 2017)


No 1letter from Harry Bunker to Mary Trigwell
Bunker’s first letter to Mrs Trigwell in response to her request, in the form of an advertisement in the newspaper, for information about her son Vern Trigwell.


Bunker letter to Mrs Trigwell 12 Jan 45
Bunker’s 2nd letter in response to further questions from Mrs Trigwell regarding her son.   ‘Harry’ Henry Cain, KIA 12/2/1942,one of the ‘Donnybrook Boys’  and Vern’s close mate.
Bunker’s 3rd letter written to Mrs Trigwell.


Mary Trigwell, known as ‘Tot’ had five sons fighting for Australia. At one point in time ‘Tot’ had three sons missing.  Vern was the only one not to return home.
Irwin –  AIF, Wal –  RAAF (with RAF UK then captured Burma after being shot down), Harold – 2/3rd MG Syria then to Java and became POW, Vern –  2/4th MG, Ossie – RAAF rear gunner 24 Squadron, Liberators, in Moratai.  Ossie was the baby so came into the war quite late (as soon as he turned 18 in 1944).
Harold Bunker was brave man.  How many men would have faced Mrs Trigwell?
Further reading go to Vern Trigwell  WX17863