‘C’ COMPANY, HEADQUARTERS – 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion, 8th Division WW2

‘C’ Company Headquarters

‘C’ Company’s HQ was established with 44th Indian Brigade HQ on Jurong Road at the Wireless Station.  There was a serious language problem.  The Brigade had an English speaking officer but when he was not available the men resorted to sign language.  Tom Hampton had a frustrating time advising the Indians where to lay barbed wire to their advantage, but they persisted with a straight line rather than making the most of the terrain.
The coastline on Singapore’s southwest and south was home to a continuous fringe of mangrove swamps which extended inland about 1000 yards.
The Japanese artillery began their attack throughout the day of 8th Feb and by mid evening were making their way across the Straits. The 44th Indian Brigade’s right hand had been lightly shelled during the night. They could hear two hours of furious fighting further north, could do nothing and had no news.
In the afternoon of 9th Feb the 44th Indian Brigade was instructed to withdraw immediately to the southern end of the Jurong 3 mile long line.  Brigadier Ballentine had been anxiously waiting since early morning for this instruction.  It was planned (on paper) four brigades – 22nd Australian, 12th, 15th and 44th Indian Brigades could hold the Jurong line.   10pm that same night Bennett ordered the 44th to move further south to make room for the 15th to fit in, the men of the 44th having to move during night in darkness!


Commanding Officer:  WX3451 Capt. Colin Cameron, departed Singapore with first work Force – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green
Force to work on the Burma end of the Railway.

He returned home at the end of the war.


Second in Command:  WX3448 Capt Ceorge A. Jack Thompson (taken away 16th Feb with others & presumed executed)
CSM:  WX9405 W.O. H.T. ‘Tom’  Hampton – left Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No 3 Battalion –  which Colin Cameron was part of.  He was evacuated out of Meiloe 75 Camp to Thanbyuzayat Hospital Camp for 6 months with malaria.  Recovered from Thailand at the end iof war.
C.Q.M.S: WX7504 S/Sgt D.B Chapman – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force, died 11 Sep 1943 Konkhan Hospital Camp evacuated from 105 km camp.  Leg was amputated due to large ulcer.  Also suffering malaria and dysentery, Chapman was too weak to recover.
Transport Corporal:  WX8228 L/Sgt Norman Herbert Grant – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force.  Survived working on the Burma end of the Railway.  Selected to work in Japan with ‘Awa’ Maru Party.  Was recovered from Japan where he was working at Omuta as an underground supervisor.  Returned to Australia.
Corporal Cook:  WX5425 Cpt Thomas Martin Fitzgerald – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force was evacuated to Khonkan Hospital Camp, then sent to work Petchaburi and Nakom Chassi camps in Thailand.  He was recovered from Nakom Chassi and returned to Australia.
Corporals: Cpl Charles Henry Ironmonger – Remained Singapore throughout the war.  Was involved with Garden Party and appears to have been hospitalised AGH Roberts Hospital and Kranji Gaol Camp from where he was recovered.



WX10343 Noel Banks:  Unable to get back to Fremantle due to engine failure, he and several other from the Hills area did not reboard ‘Aquitania’ and sailed to Java. Recovered very ill from Sumatran Railway.
Returned to Australia.
WX9361 Michael A. Bartlett:  Driver, Bartlett was from Albany.  ‘D’ Force S Battalion died beri beri & dysentery 7 Dec 1943 Tarsau Hospital aged 28 years.
WX9195 J.W. James William Basell – Driver.  Worked Burma Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force S Battalion. Recovered fromn Nakom  Nayok, Thailand at the end of the war.
WX9090 L/Cpl Norman Bradshaw – worked Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force S Battalion around Hellfire Pass region.  He was recovered from Tamuang Camp at the end of war.
WX10358 Sydney Richard Clayden – left Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force No 3 Battalion to work on Burma end of Burma-Thai Railway.  Was selected to work in Japan with ‘Rakuyo’ Maru.  Survived in South China Sea long enough to be rescued by Japanese Corvette with a number of men. Arriving Japan was sent to work at Kawasaki Camp No. 15 D.  Was recovered from Shingawa Main Hospital Camp at the end of war.

 WX6362 R.A. Deveson

 WX5064 E.F. Elliot

WX9777 J.H. Flanigan – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force.  Survived working Burma end of Railway. Sent to Tamarkan, Thailand when Rail was completed then sent to work Kachu Mountain and Petchaburi, from where he was recovered at the end of war.
WX9755 L/Cpl Len Helliwell:  KIA Hill 200 12 Feb 1942 aged 43 years.  He was formerly a fire insurance officer.

WX8178 J.H. King –

 WX8137 L/Cpl J.W.H. Needham – sent to Burma end of Railway with ‘A’ Force Burma. Evacuated to Khonkan Hospital Camp with tropical ulcers right foot.  Died pneumonia 55 Dec 1943 aged 30 years.
 WX8141 R. H. Simkin – Ron was from Northampton. Returned to Australia.
WX7337 L/Cpl Alec Spooner Driver,  Left Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 3 Battalion.  Spooner survived working on the Burma-Thai Railway.  He was selected fit by the Japanese for ‘Rakuyo’ Maru Party.  He perished in the South China Sea when their ship was torpedoes by American submarines.  He survived two days in the water before perishing.
WX9419 Harold William Steele – Sailed to Java when missed Aquitania leaving Fremantle on 16 January 1942.  Joined Blackforce, became POW.  Sent to Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma. Java Party No. 4, Williams Force before heading to Burma.  Evacuated to Thailand to Kanchanaburi, Tamarkan then sent to work Pratchinburi, Linson Wood Camp, Petchaburi and Kachu Mountain Camp from where he was recovered at the end of the war
WX9134 Joseph Sumner – Cook Headquarters.  Left Singapore with ‘A’; Force Thailand S Battalion to work around the Hellfire Pass Cutting.  He was recovered from Nacompaton Hospital Camp when the war ended.

WX4924 Swartz, Joe

 WX1138 A.G. Williams


WX11584 William Cecil Case: Was Taken on Strength to Woodside Camp 5 Oct 1941 & joined 2/4th.  Bill Case was KIA Hill 200, Ulu Pandan on 12 Feb 1942.

 WX12488 J.W. Clay

WX12663 Arthur Edward (Artie) Floyd – Born Narrogin, ‘E’ Force to Burma.  Died 12 March 1945 at Sandakan aged 26 years.

 WX13562 Peter L. Moate

 WX15457 S.E. Nash – ‘E’ Force died Ranau, Borneo  23 March 1945 on First March Sandakan to Ranau. Aged 26 years.
WX12985  L/Cpl Peter J. Negri – ‘E’ Force died Sandakan 21 Jan 1945 aged 25 years. 
WX12628 Stirling John Oliver – WIA Ulu Pandan 11 Feb, died 13 Feb 1942 aged 41 years.
 WX13207 /Cpl Charles Rossiter Piggott – ‘A’ Force Burma Green Force to work on Burma end of Railway.  Was at Khonkan Hospital Camp 1 July 1943, evacuated to Tamarkan Thailand, then Chungkai Hospital Camp.  When recovered sent to Kachu Mountain Camp, Nakom Nayk, Lopburi and was recovered from Nakom Nayok at the end of the war.
WX12949 James Lappin Scott – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force, survived working on the Burma end of the Railway.  Was recovered from Tamarkan, Thailand.
WX15869 A.J. Struthoff – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force survived working on Burma-Thai Railway and was selected fit to work in Japan.  ‘Rakuyo’ Maru party first sent to Saigon to sail to Japan, however returned to Singapore to depart.  Bert Struthoff was ill with pneumonia, remained behind in Saigon.  He died 19 Sep 1944 aged 30 years.
WX14733 John Taylor – Remained Singapore throughout war.  Recovered Changi Gaol.
 WX17882 A.G. Trigwell – ‘E’ Force Borneo.  Died Sandakan 4 May 1945 aged 23 years.
WX17863 V.C. Trigwell – ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force survived working on Burma-Thai Railway.  Judged to be fit by the Japanese he was selected to work in Japan sailing with ‘Rakuyo’ Maru which was sunk by American submarines He tragically perished on 12 Sep 1945 in South China Sea  He was 24 years old.