Hutchinson, Wally’s bath at Kobe, Japan

WX7332 Wally Hutchinson was sent with ‘J’ Force to Kobe, Japan.

From ‘Singapore and Beyond’ by Don Wall 

Story from Les Bond:  When working on the ships at Kobe, Wally Hutchinson, 2/4th Machine Gunners, would find some excuse to leave the hold and inspect the ship.  He usually told the Japs that he had dysentery, as they were concerned about contracting the disease they always allowed him up on deck. He would then take this opportunity to inspect the ship, open any cabins, look through vents and generally ‘case’ the place and particularly the smell of food.  He usually carried a fishing line and hook so that he could lower it down and pick up anything such as whale meat which was being prepared for the crew.  On one occasion, following a reconnaissance of a ship, he passed the Captain’s cabin, the door was open, the bath was running, a white towel over the edge of the bath, slippers, a kimona – all going for a hiding!  So Wally decided as he had not had a bath for two years he would take the risk.  He had been working on unloading coal, when he got into the white bath the water turned to coal.  Wally washed himself, used the white towel to dry, then the Captain arrived, he removed his clog and belted Wally about the face.

Later, when he returned to his party his Sgt. said ‘ You’ve been a long while, where have you been?’

Wally had difficulty opening his mouth and then said “That bloody Captain’s got no sense of humuor!” and told his story to his mates who were obviously entertained for the evening!