Fuhrmann, Henry Charles, WX7852 Acting Corporal, DCM

Honours & Awards

On 10 February 1942, ‘C’ Coy came under command 22 Bde.  ‘A’ Pl, which at that time was commanded by A/Cpl. H.C. FUHRMANN, was ordered to defend Adv Bde. HQ.  At first light the enemy launched a very heavy attack on the forward Bn. Firing became so intense that A/Cpl. FUHRMANN’S posts were pushed forward. The attack increased in intensity and the forward Bn. was ordered to withdraw and take up a fresh position, with the result that the positions held by A/Cpl. FUHRMANN were now in the front line. The Japanese attacked several times during the day but each time were repulsed. During this action, A/Cpl. FUHRMANN behaved in an outstanding and energetic manner. He fearlessly moved around encouraging the men and supervising the evacuation of the wounded. Seeing some Indian troops on his flank about to give way, A/Cpl. FUHRMANN rushed across and by his courage and example restored the position. On the 12th February 1942 at ULU PANDAN A/Cpl. FUHRMANN again showed outstanding leadership. A key point in the line had been evacuated and A/Cpl. FUHRMANN was ordered to move forward with two sections and hold it. He held this position for the whole of that day until relieved by his Coy Comd and his behaviour was an inspiration to the men under his command. A/Cpl. FUHRMANN’S bearing and behaviour during the whole of the time he was in action was outstanding and worthy of recognition.


Recommended by: A/Maj. C. Cameron O.C. ‘C’ Coy 2/4th M.G. Bn
Honour or Award recommended: Distinguished Conduct Medal
Honour or Award granted: Distinguished Conduct Medal
Date of London Gazette: 1st August 1946
Date of Commonwealth of Australia Gazette: 12th September 1946