WX8003 HACK, Alexander Meora b. 1906 Bridgetown to William Wilson Meora and Charlotte Scott Hack.  Alex Hack died on the notorious Sandakan-Ranau Track, Borneo 4 Feb 1945.

Hack was taken from Singapore with ‘B’ Force Borneo where the POWs worked constructing airfields at Sandakan for Japanese  military.

In 1945, following Allied bombing raids which reduced the airfields to be no longer repairable – the Japanese decided to make their last use of the POWs and ultimately put to death every last prisoner and be rid of any evidence.

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Alex Hack’s name is also inscribed on the Boyup Brook Sandakan Memorial.





George Gossage does not have his name included on the Bridgetown Memorial.  However, George spent most of his formative life there, school and participated in local sports.

WX9062 GOSSAGE, George John b. 1915 Kalgoorlie to George Victor and Annie Gossage.  The Gossage family lived in Bridgetown most of George’s (Jnr) life, until his father died of illness in 1934, after which Mrs Gossage and children moved to live in Perth.

The Gossage children attended the local Catholic school.  George (Snr) was employed with WAGR.  George (Jnr) participated in local and school sports – including Cycling, Football and tennis.  His sister Nellie was a talented pianist and by all accounts the Gossage family, including George’s grandparents  actively participated in the Bridgetown community.

George Gossage aged 26 years was KIA 12 Feb 1942 at Ulu Pandan, during Battle for Singapore.