Katanning WW2 Memorial









2/4th Machine Gun Battalion, 8th Division, AIF

WX16274 WHITAKER, Fred b. South Yorkshire, England enlisted AIF 29 Aug 1940 and later joined 2/4 MGB’ Company HQ.  He was captured Singapore and became POW 15th August 1942.
Fred was selected to work on Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force Thailand V Battalion.  He died of dysentery at Hindaine Camp on 6 Aug 1943 aged 36 years.  V Battalion suffered too many deaths from illness in appalling living and working conditions,  Please read further about V Battalion.


He arrived in Fremantle from London on ‘Armadale’ on 11 Dec 1913 with his mother, brother James and sister Mary.  Once settled in WA, a further two children were added to the Whitaker family, John in 1920 and Pearl in 1924.
In 1934 Fred married Annie Elizabeth Dunne at Katanning.
In the same year his father James Whitaker died.
Fred was father to several children.





Others with a connection to Katanning:

WX15690 John (JACK) Murray CARR was born Katanning 1915 to John Augustine and Evelyn Mary CARR.  Jack was one of seven children and spent his earlier years at Katanning where his father John Augustine Carr represented Scott & Son, suppliers of agricultural equipment.

The Carr family moved to Perth sometime in the mid 1920s.
Jack left Singapore by train 1943 with ‘D’ Force Thailand S Battalion for Burma-Thailand Railway.
Jack Carr died of cerebral malaria and beri beri 23 July 1943 at Tarsau Hospital Camp, Thailand aged 28 years.  He had been evacuated sick from  Hellfire Pass Cutting.