Semple’s Frog Race Gloe Gloer Camp, Sumatra

Below:  Melbourne Cup Frog Race 1942 – won by 2/4th’s ‘Bluey’ Semple

‘One Sunday, the nearest to Melbourne Cup Day, the Australians decided to run their own cup. Frogs were the contestants. A West Australian, Bluey Semple (WX7532) appeared in jockey’s colours with a riding whip. Nobody knew where they came from. Appropriately his frog won, and he was presented with the cup – half a coconut on a stand.’ 
Please go to this page to see the cartoon drawing of the Frog Race
Harold succumbed to beri beri and tragically died at the age of 37 years on 15 April 1945 at Pakan Baroe, Sumatra.