Who volunteered to fight in the Korean war?


Five years after the end of WW2, Australia became involved in the war in Korea.  They would remain for three years protecting South Korea.

What encouraged these young men to enlist again?


WX12427 Private Robert Arthur Foster enlisted on 15th August 1950 and was discharged 10th November 1953.
He was wounded in North Korea at 0630 hours 24th April 1951 receiving a gunshot wound to his left thigh and shrapnel wounds to his right knee and left elbow as well as slight concussion.  He was evacuated to Seoul, then to Kure in Japan where he spent 5 weeks convalescing.  He was with 2nd Battalion Regt. No.’s were 5/000058 and 5/2305.


WX16235 Private Alfred Victor King (aka Albert John King) enlisted 5 August 1950.  Assigned Regiment No. 5/400008 King landed in Korea 28 September 1950 serving with the Special Forces Unit RAR.    Following 24 days in action King was KIA 8 Nov 1950 aged 26 years.
King’s remains are buried at the United Nations Memorial, Pusan, Korea, Sukchon Cemetery.  Portion 2, Plot and Row 11, Grave 126.
King came to Western Australia as a Fairbridge Farm School Boy on the ship ‘Oronsay’ Aug 1932.  He had no known family.
Sadly, there was no-one to mourn King’s death.


Over 17,000 Australians served during the Korean War, of which 340 were killed and over 1,216 wounded. A further 29 had become prisoners of war.