Gascoyne, Shark Bay, Roebourne, Ashburton and Pilbara Enlistments

The following list of names records WX7458 L.O. Peat as being POW, in fact he was KIA 12 February 1942 at Ulu Pandan, Reformatory Road during the fight to save Singapore.

It is simply too difficult to confirm many names because both initials have not been recorded and therefore certainty is not  possible.

Those we can confirm as being with 2/4th are listed at the end of these lists.  Three of these men died during the Sandakan death march, Borneo.





WX4927 A.N. Climie – killed during an Allied Air raid at Kawasaki Camp, Japan.

WX7777 A.M. Draper – (station Manager) Also recorded Pilbara. RTA from Kobe, Japan.

WX8381 R.P. Elvish –  Died 9 October 1943 from illness at Chungkai, Thailand.  Was with ‘D’ Force Thailand, V Battalion working on Thai-Burma Railway.  V Battalion endured one of the highest losses of lives – 40%.

Shark Bay

WX13285 Jack Maude – (former Fairbridge boy) RTA from Fukuoka sub-camp No. 24 Sendyu, Japan.  Jack suffered all his life from radiation from Atom Bomb – could only eat soft foods and never with company.

WX8180 Edward George Taylor –  (stationhand) RTA from Changi, where he was POW throughout war.

WX8753 J.L. Wheelock  – (Printer, born Carnarvon) RTA from Saigon, French Indo-China.  Worked on Railway with Captain Fred Harris Party.  Sent to Saigon via Bangkok with Both Party.

WX8706 J. Wilkie (Plantation Owner) – sent to Borneo with ‘E’ Force.  Died of malaria Sandakan 17 May 1945.


WX7458 L.O. Peat – KIA Singapore February 1942.


WX7600 G.R. Bousfield (Fairbridge boy) RTA from Nakom Nayok, Thailand having worked on Burma-Thai Railway.        Sailed to Java (not Singapore) and joined ‘Blackforce’ in Java.  Taken POW there, then transported to work on Burma end of railway.

WX7801 A. Hackshaw – worked Thai-Burma Railway with ‘F’ Force Thailand.  Albert Hackshaw died tropical ulcers on 2 November 1943 at Tanbaya Hospital Camp Burma, where ‘F’ Force sick were sent.


WX9551 F. W. Carroll (possibly, recorded a F. Carroll) RTA from Bandeong, Tjimahi, Bicycle Camp, Batavia.  Did not go to  Singapore but joined ‘Blackforce’ Java to fight Japanese with Dutch East Indies and Allied Forces.    He was taken POW and remained there.

WX7909 Tom  Davison – died 25 October 1943 at Khonkan Hospital Camp, Burma from illness having had 3 amputation operations  because of tropical ulcer on his leg conducted by Col. Coates AAMC.

WX7777 A.M. Draper (Station Manager) – as above.

WX24830 S.O. Haly (Station overseer) – died 15 June 1945, 12 miles from Sandakan on march.  Sailed to Borneo with ‘B’ Force from Singapore.

WX9418 D. Horn ( could be D.W. Horn?) RTA from Niihama, Japan.  Had worked on Burma-Thai Railway prior to sailing to Japan with ‘Rashin Maru’ Party.

WX7789 O.M. Stanwell – died Sandakan 12 March 1945.  Sailed from Singapore with ‘E’ Force to Borneo.