JAVA PARTY 22 – Banks & Booth


Pte Noel Banks WX10343

& L/Cpl Harold Vernon Booth WX8766 

The NN Maru 6 departed Batavia (Java) 27 June 1944 with 1260 POWs (286 British, 123 Australians, 8 Americans, 843 Dutch) with destination Sumatra railway.  This Transport was designated JAVA PARTY 22.
On 7/1/1944 the ship arrived in Singapore; the POWs were housed in the Changi Camp
Please note:  it is not known if the below information is relevant to Banks and Booth.
NOTE . From 12-7-1944 to 27-7-1944 the prisoners of war were transferred in groups of 250 men with a ferry, the Queen Elisabeth 2 , to Pakanbaroe (Central Sumatra). Here they were first housed in the base camp on the north side of the Sumatra railway to be built, Camp 1 .
All of above has been copied from ‘Java Parties’
Found on Nigel Mansells website