1953 POWs story on Burma-Thai Railway – West Australian Newspaper

In 1953, Athol W. Thomas, who was a popular columnist and journalist for West Australian Newspaper, wrote the following story of the lives of WW2 POWs.
Page (2) includes a brief overview of the theft of a radio and batteries from a Japanese occupied house by several ‘A’ Force Burma POWs including 2/4th’s Norm Fraser and Harry Fuhrmann with two other West Australian POWs.  Also Norm Fraser’s photography. Fraser later died of illness and sadly his photographs did not survive being buried.

Below:  Norm Fraser and right:  Harry Furhmann

Lt-Col Green of 2/4th is also mentioned.
He became Commanding Officer of 2/4th on the tragic death of Lt. Col Mick Anketell during the. fighting at Singapore Feb 1942.
as well as ‘Tubby’ McGhee and his relationship with a Japanese guards nicknamed ‘Clark Gable’ and briefly how McGhee managed to save his skin when fooling the Japanese guard.



Above: Page (3) briefly names the escape of John McGregor and Penrod Dean who were sentenced to solitary confinement at the notorious Outram Road Gaol Prison

Left:  John McGregor & Penrod Dean
Also the escape, capture and shooting at Victoria Point, Burma by Japanese firing squad of Robert Goulden. Please read further