Poetry by Slim Pitts



Slim Pitts WX7626

On arrival at Woodside Camp, SA


We come from the West where the beer is best, parlez vous

Our Camp was better than all the rest  parlez vous

We came over here and God knows why

Unless they brought us here to die, inky pinky parlez vous.


God stiffen the crows we bloody near froze  parlez vous

With a barking cough and a running nose parlez vous

If we stay much longer I’ll bet you’ll see

We’ll all end up in the R.A.P. inky pinky parlez vous.


They tell us its colder in months ahead parlez vous

If we don’t want to finish up all in bed parlez vous

We will be getting around in leather vests

With flannel protectors on our chests. inky pinky parlez vous


We were all so glad when we went away parlez vous

From Northam Camp in W.A.,   parlez vous

How one and all of our thousand men

Are wishing to God they were back again. Inky pinky parlous vous.


Fifty Years - Slim Pitts