Popanyinning or ‘Popo’ Hotel Country Reunion- 1970s?

This charming historical 2/4th photograph had to be taken prior to 9 July 1978 when the Popanyinning Hotel burnt down.
Is there anybody out there who can provide information about 2/4th boys & families who lived near Cuballing?
The Hotel was built 2 April 1906 when Popanyinning was a siding on the Great Southern Railway track, initially constructed 1899 (the first construction families arrived 1898).  The first pioneers had arrived earlier in the area, about 1893.   Popanyinning was gazetted in 1904.
The small town boasted a general store, bakery, Post Office, community hall and earlier, railway siding, a mixed goods store and Blacksmith’s to serve the agricultural area.
The Popo pub was known far and wide.
Popanyinning had several sporting teams including cricket, football, tennis and rifle club, all of whom supported the local Popo pub. Later there would have been basketball, perhaps golf and other community events.
‘Popanyinning was originally named ‘Popaning’ which stands for waterhole in the Aboriginal language. Years later the name was changed to Popanyinning, but no-one is really quite sure of why.’  (info from Popanyinning official town website)




The Popanyinning Pub was in the Shire of Cuballing