Below:  Ted Wallin (President 2/4th 1993 – 1995 and Bernie O’Sullivan.

Above:  Peter O’Sullivan is grandson to Bernie O’Sullivan.

Below:  Dinner of 2/4th MGB AIF 50th Anniversary V.J. Day 15 August 1995

Above:  2/4th members participating include Stan Lance, Jim Duncan, Mick Wedge and Don Lee.
Below:  WX15951 LANCE, Kenneth Stanley known as Stan enlisted 21 Aug 1941, joined ‘E’ Coy SRB. Left Singapore with ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 3 Battalion to work on Burma end Burma-Thai Railway. Recovered from Thailand at end of war.

Above:  WX8584 DUNCAN, John Sharp known as Jim enlisted18 Oct 1940, joined ‘B’ Company 9 Platoon.  Remained Singapore throughout war and recovered Singapore.
Above:  WX9387 LEE, Charles Donald (Don) enlisted 16 Nov 1940.  ‘B’ Company 9 Platoon Commanding Officer.  Left Singapore ‘H’ Force Thailand, Group No. 3. Returned to Singapore end 43 and recovered Singapore.

Above:  WX9553 WEDGE, Charles Newdegate known as Mick enlisted 4 Nov 1940, Commanding Officer ‘C’ Company,12 Platoon.  Left Singapore with ‘D’ Force Thailand S Battalion for Burma-Thai Railway.  Recovered from Thailand at end of war.


2/4th Machine Gun Battalion ex-Members Committee 1995
President:  Ted Wallin
Vice-President: Jim  Elliott
Secretary: Jack Kyros
Treasurer:  Ron Badock