WX10370 Hall, WX6067 Dean, WX8441 Mellor, WX4986 Taylor, WX9764 Poulton – POW news during War


WX10370 Hall, Douglas ‘Snow’  died 21 May 1944 aged 25 years at AGH Roberts Barracks Changi having been transferred from Sime Road Camp suffering with septic thrombosis.  When the above message was sent he was with ‘H’ Force Thailand Group No. 3 working on the railway. ‘H’ Force returned to Singapore early 1944.


WX6067 Dean, Penrod Vance survived to return home.  He with John McGregor were sentenced to two years imprisonment at the notorious Outram Road Goal.

WX8441 Mellor, John ‘Blain’ survived working on Burma-Thai railway to return home.

WX4986 Taylor, John Alexander was sent to Korea with Japan ‘B’ Party.  He was recovered from Konan at the end of the war.

WX9764 Poulton, Bertram Frederick returned home from the war.  He worked on the Burma-Thai Railway with ‘D’ Force S Battalion at Konyu II.  He was selected as ‘fit’ to work in Japan on ‘Rashin Maru’ a horror 70 day journey from Singapore to Moji, Japan.  He was sent to work at Ohama Camp 9B and was recovered from there when the war ended.