Denmark WWII War Memorial



The following 2/4th men who came from around Denmark and who lost their lives:


WX9231 HODGSON, Leonard Sydney (Tim) was born London, England and migrated to Australia with his family.  The Hodgson family took up land at Denmark.  ‘Tim’ as he was known enlisted 30 October 1940 and joined ‘A’ Company as a rangetaker.  As a POW on Singapore he was selected from Selarang with ‘A’ Force Green Force No. 3 Battalion to sail from Singapore to Burma to
work on the Burma end of the railway. Tim developed a leg ulcer which required amputation and was evacuated to Khonkan Hospital 55km Camp.  In his weakened health condition he died post amputation combined with toxaemia.  He was 24 years of age when he died.
Please read further about ‘A’ Force, Green Force No. 3 Battalion.
Also read further about Tim Hodgson.  Tim’s english-born father spent the duration of WW1 in a German Civilians POW Camp not far from Berlin.  The Hodgson family were at the time residing in Germany.  (Tim’s mother was German born).


WX9226 TYSOE, Harry enlisted 30 October 1940 joining ‘A’ Company.  As a POW of Japan in Singapore he was selected with ‘J’ Force to work in Japan.
‘Sparrow’ as he was known, departed Singapore on ‘Wales Maru’ and accommodated at Kobe House.  He died of chronic beri beri and influenza at the Japanese hospital Osaka.  Harry’s body was cremated and enshrined at Juganji Temple, Osaka.  He was 35 years old and left his wife to care for four young children.
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WX9224 WALKER, Harold Alexander enlisted 30 October 1940 joining Headquarters Company as a Signaller.
He was KIA Reformatory Road, Ulu Pandan, Singapore 12 February 1942 aged 23 years.  Please read further about H.A. Walker.


Above:  Albany Advertiser November 1940.


NB.  Further enquiries are to be made as to whether John Lee (also known as George Lee WX9214) is one and the same Lee included on the memorial. October 2018.
Harry Tysoe was sent to Japan with ‘J’ Force on ‘Wales’ Maru – as did Harold Edward Procter WX6172.  
Harold ‘Ted’ Procter arrived in Australia from England as a 5 year old.



His parents William and Rosa Proctor with several children and took up farming at Denmark.  


Below:  Harry  Tysoe and Ted Procter played local cricket. They were both in ‘A’ Company.


Denmark Cricket


Those from around Denmark who returned home at the end of war:
WX13352 SMITH, ROY was b. 1915 Taunton Somerset, England to John and Annie Evans.  John Evans died in 1920 aged 33 years and Annie died in 1924 (apparently Albany, WA).  In 1924 the four children of John and Annie Evans arrived in WA from London on ‘Demonthenes’ departing London 26 April 1924.   Cyril John 12 yrs, Edith 10 (she later married Miller in Albany), Doris 9 and Lionel 7 years.

Lionel was adopted by Mr and Mrs Charles Edward Smith of Denmark and changed his name.  He spent his formative years in Denmark, he was a boy scout, entered the Denmark Show and played the mandolin for school and community concerts.
He returned to Denmark after the war.  He is recorded working as a fisherman.


WX16426 William John WOLFE  b. Perth 1913 son of Richard Travers and Katherine May Wolfe of Bornholm.  William Wolfe enlisted 10 Sept 1941.  He was Taken on Strength to Woodside Camp, SA on 5 Oct 1941 joining No. 3 Platoon.

He worked on the Burma end of Burma-Thai Railway with A Force Burma Green Force  No. 3 Btn.  Wolfe was recovered from Tamarkan Camp Thailand when the war ended.
William married about 1937 to Maureen Goldsmith whose family also farmed in the Bornholm area.


Thomas (Tom) Alfred Henry Minchin WX9222 ‘A’ Coy returned home after the war.  Tom grew up in Denmark with his parents part of Group Settlement Farmers.  He married after the war to the sister of Tim Hodgson’s sister-in-law.


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WX7409 PASCOE, Thomas Anthony b. Cornwall arrived in Albany in 1924 and took up land at Tamarthen 116 Group Settlement.
Tom Pascoe worked on the Burma-Thai railway with ‘A’ Force Burma, Green Force No. 3 Battalion.
The same work party as “Tim’ Hodgson.


After the rail link was completed Pascoe set out from Thailand with what would become known as the ‘Rakuyo’ Maru group to sail to Japan – sailing from Saigon.   They spent several months in French Indo – before the Japanese accepted they were no longer able unable to use this shipping Port as it was successfully blockaded by US submarines. The Men had to return to Bangkok and travel (by train) back to Singapore where again they waited for their ship.
The work force finally departed September 1944.  The ship Rakuyo Maru was hit by several torpedoes fired by US Submarines.   Following 4 days in the ocean, Tom Pascoe was one of a number of POWs picked up by the same submarines which had attacked their convoy,
Please read about ‘Rakuyo’ Maru
Tom as far we know, never returned to Denmark/Camarthen area to live.  He died in 1973 East Victoria Park.